what sous vide cooker do you have?

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I don't have one and from some of the reviews I seen not planning on one anytime soon. Hey looks like the dishwasher post worked as good as anything else. 

I just use an external controller that I built, and control my crock pot. It works great.

If I didn't have the parts lying around, I simply would have purchased this controller:

WILLHI WH1436A 110V - 240V Digital Temperature Controller

If you go this route, you need a really simply slow cooker that does not have digital controls. Mine is a $25 (at Target) unit that has nothing more than a Off/Lo/Hi/Simmer switch.

For circulation, I just stir the pot every 15 minutes or so. Water conducts heat pretty well, so the water circulation seems to me to be pretty unimportant compared to having very precise (within a degree) temperature control. That is important.
It was announced yesterday that Anova sold out to Electrolux for $115 mil cash and additional $135 mil contingent pay for performance.

And all we needed was our dishwasher.....
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