What should I do with this cut of Pork??

Discussion in 'Pork' started by cayenne, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. cayenne

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    So, I go to the butcher this morning looking for a simple Pork Butt cut somewhere around 7lbs give or take... I ended coming home with this monster cut instead! To be honest, I have no idea what my game plan should be, nor am I completely clear on what the entire cut is.

    It was the only nice cut they had left today and my butcher didn't want to carve it up and waste so much just to make me a pretty little 7lb Boston Butt so he ended up giving me 4.5lbs completely free of charge. Total weight is a about 11lbs 8 oz, nice marbling, local raised pig. Was planning on just smoking this up for the wife and I for tomorrow. Should I carve it up a bit? Leave as is? What all do I have in this cut? 

    Was nice of him to give me so much extra for free but I'm a little bit lost!!

  2. chilerelleno

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    Hi Cayenne,
    I'd trim some of that fat, brush with mustard (optional), rub it well and then smoke either High or Low depending on your time available.
    Then I'd portion it out and freeze the excess.
  3. cayenne

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    Thanks... Figured the fat could use a bit of trimming on the cap. Looks like this is part of the picnic but not the entire shoulder. What do you think? Looking at the first picture there is bone/joint on the end I'm just confused by the shape of the cut. 

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