What kinds of fruits/veggies can be dehydrated quickly?

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May 8, 2012
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I am thinking of doing a little experiment with my grand daughter who likes to come over and mix up just about everything in the cabinets to see what happens.

So I was thinking of something that we could dehydrate that might only take a few hours, like 6 or so, in case she might want to taste it.

I figure bananas are a good choice, but anything else? I’ve been looking things up but some of the stuff involves soaking or long times, and she will probably only be here for 8-9 hours.
Off the top of my head kale chips should be quick and fall within your timeframe. I can't find my Excalibur book at the moment unfortunately.

Also, dehydrating frozen vegetables will save time as you don't need to soak/blanch etc. Might also be an option. Veggies likely aren't super fun to taste at the end tho!

Edit - just found my book
Peppers, okra, tomatoes, peas, eggplant should be some of the quickest and don't need prep work. Obviously the thinner you slice them the quicker they'll be. Dehydrated tomatoes are delicious as a snack, might be a good option.

Fruits generally take longer but blueberries or strawberries might work in that time frame.
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How long do they take? Any special prep or just slice and put in?
Apples are usually 7-15 hours (depending on local relative humidity). They need to be dipped/brushed with lemon/lime juice or similar if you don't want them to turn brown.

Pineapple in my experience is 12+ hours.

Even if they're not "done" in time they'll still be a different texture and fun for her to try tho.
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Just winging it but we went with banana, apple and kale. Set the dehydrator to 135.

Can’t you just put down parchment paper?
I don't know. It should work with a little folding in the corners to create a boat. Doesn't need to be very deep, but need to hold a layer of the gelatinous liquid.
I have a round unit and it came with solid liners. They are only about 1/8" deep.
How long do they take? Any special prep or just slice and put in?
Sorry for the late response, but all I do is slice them somewhere between an ⅛" and ¼". Seedless Mandarin orange pieces work well, too, but take longer to dry. Times depend on how dry/crispy you like them, but 12 hours is a good starting point...
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