What Is It?

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Thanks for the like Bear it is appreciated/

As said we use spot light them and grab them yup making sure it wasn't a snake.

My in-laws use to eat frogs legs. BIL would go out with his pellet gun and come home with a 5 gallon bucket full of them. They loved them - me I wouldn't touch them. I hate frogs. Yours look good Warren. Nice Job.

Point for sure
Shoot it might not be grilling/smoking but we can start a special thread for some good looking legs like that! And the g'daughters look like they enjoyed them.

Sorry, couldn't resist! :emoji_wink:
Very nice Warren! We usually make a trip or two every year. Season is open year round here except for the months of may and june which is during the breeding season. We have two species; bull frogs and pig frogs...I like the pig frogs because they are smaller and the meat is more tender...they fry up perfectly! There is no quantity limit, only a size limit. Best we ever did one night was 587 frogs out of two boats. Great thing about frogs is they are super easy to clean!

Gonna have to pull some out to fry soon...they are also great if you smoke them first, then fry 'em....
Thanks indaswamp , Johnny Ray and Denny for the likes they are appreciated.

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I saw a few minutes of a nature program yesterday,
A bull frog moved towards the shore and captured and ate a finch (bird). That was a huge frog.
How big are your croakers?
Thanks for the like Jabiru it is appreciated.

Sorry but I bought these from a seafood market so no photos of the whole frog.

Those are some nice looking legs. I have made a few frogging escapades. AND learned to watch out for red eyes with the spotlight, and secondly to gage the distance between those eyes. Any greater than about 3 or 4 inches, I am outta the ditch! 'Course we never minded a few gator tails in with the frog legs. Till you misjudge the eyeball distance. LOL

I heard someone the other day say about a limit, On Frogs!?? You can take I think 12 per person and have either three or two days in the bag.

To me they taste like gator.

Looks delicious though.
I love'um as well, don't any of y'all save the backs as well? If not, you're miss'in out on a bunch of meat.
I heard someone the other day say about a limit, On Frogs!?? You can take I think 12 per person and have either three or two days in the bag.
I think maybe some WMA' s have put a restriction on bag limits, kinda like the nutria, but I just checked the LDWF 2021 frog regualtions and there is still no possession limit.
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