What grill?

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Sep 28, 2013
Illinois Land of jailed governors
Not sure where to put this since its not about a smoker. I need a new grill. Old one a charbroil dual barrel gas on one side charcoal on other. The gas side is rotten, charcoal fine.  I hate to have just one grill. Like now I forgot to get charcoal but have lp but a useless gas side. I saw char griller makes one similar with reviews saying it will rot also.  Throw me out some ideas.... your input would be appreciated.
The cheaper grills fail faster then better ones,you need to decide to spend or keep replacing them. I would look into a Weber as with care they will hold up better and parts are easy to get.
B-one is right the cheaper grills don't last. Your looking at about a 3 year lifespan. Could be a little more or less.

I'd look around Craigslist for a Weber genesis for your gas grill. I would buy a new one. They are made in China now and I hear you can tell they are made cheaper. I'm thankful In bought mine a few years ago. It's the best grill I've ever owned and well with the money compared to the cheaper grills at your local hardware stores.

As far as charcoal grills go Weber kettles are fantastic. Can't go wrong. I have an 18, and a 22. I'm not sure if these are Chinese made now or not. Do a little research.

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