What did I do wrong?

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Original poster
Jul 17, 2006
I bought a smokeymoutain smoker yesturday. I smoked a turkey today. I put olive oil on the skin. Spices under and on top of the skin. I cooked it at about 250 for 3.5 hours, until the internal temp was 165. I also wraped the turkey in foil for an hour after it was done. It was still hot when I unwrapped it,
the skin was very dark and I had no smoke ring.The white meat was very juicy and tender. The dark meat was not done, it was a little pink and tough. I did truss the turkey and stuffed an onion inside. The white meat tasted great. I also had a little trouble with too much smoke. I think I put too much wood in the smoker to begin with, I used 3 chunks. I did use lump charcoal for the first time. I did not have any trouble controlling the heat (at least I don't think so). I had a constant 250 degrees. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I was also supprised the turkey was done so fast. HELP!!!
Prolly shoulda used two thermometers to make sure you got the legs done. I've seen some folks separate the white meat from the dark meat so both get the appropriate time to come to temp. Normally one is done before the other and you have to overcook one to get them both to where they need to be for safe eating.

If you didn't have a smoke ring, that's weird. Was your smoker smoking or flaming the bird? I'm a little surprised it was done so fast too....
How big was the turkey? The meat is going to have a pink tint to it, from being cooked in smoke. That does not mean it is not done. Did the jiuce run clear? Did you test the temps in both the thigh and breast?

I have no explaination for no smoke ring, but I did not have a beer this weekend, and the brain cells are not having a good time. They need to go swimming in alcohol.
Pudgy, here's 2 tricks that will help your turkey get done more evenly.

Cut a slash at the base of the thigh joint before trussing. This will let the heat into the thigh area better. If you're going to truss, truss loosely as pulling the legs in tight makes it more difficult to get the thigh area done without over cooking the breast.

Set the turkey out of the fridge for an hour before cooking and set a ziploc bag full of ice and saltwater on the breast. This will allow the dark meat to warm up a bit and give it a head start and chill the white meat and keep it from beginning to cook too quickly.

Also check your themometer (pit therm) in boiling water for accuracy. I know you just purchased it, but new is no assurance of accuracy, it sounds more like you cooked at 350 than 250 getting done so soon.
Scott, great suggestions.I'll try them next time. My thermometers are accurate. I also checked both the white meat and the dark meat for the temp when I took it off. The only thing I can think of is maybe I put the temp gage was in the wrong place.
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