What are you watching ?

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The lady next door on a hot summer day, kind of scars me . But I still watch her .

Sorry , could not help myself, lol


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Two and a Half Men. My favorite for running in the background, watch it all the time. My Beagle is named Harper after Charlie Harper.


You know, I lied, Mrs Okie has " Two and a Half Men " on a lot lately, I do love that show and miss how raw it is. Things are too polite these days for a series like that.
I run cooking -cop- fishing - old movies. when wife isn't working we hit some of the old series that we somehow missed when they were playing, amazing what working long hours and dealing with grandkids can make you miss, Will Trent is pretty good and just started a new season, haven't watched yet but it's fun to get a few out there then binge watch, now that I'm retired I stay awake a little latter some nights even if I still get up at same time, afternoon delite has turned into afternoon naps :emoji_laughing:
When finally time to relax at night , after being on here for a bit.
TV shows , movies .

Like mike243 mike243 , I really like Will Trent, And I like a very funny and stupid show called Resident Alien ( and I am all over that lol ) all the casts bring their own kind of funny / silly. Good writers.

But I love lots of the old shows , And too bad , last season for Blue Bloods.
And when I can find them , Audie Murphy Westerns


Going to rewatch the Battlestar Galactica reboot at some point.Also have been contemplating starting The Expanse.Been trying to find the old Sci-Fi channel series First Wave.
Me? YouTube (health topics, whiskey, Sherpa); Netflix (movies and any historical drama series [Oktoberfest, Last Czars, Marco Polo, etc]); and cable (sports/movies/racing).

Wife? Almost but not quite every crime investigative series (The Irrational, Will Trent, NCIS of any version except Los Angeles). She's not a fan of courtroom or lawyer based series.

The Marco Polo series was well done, but was cancelled on a cliffhanger after the second season. Pissed me off. Netflix lost $200 million on the series they bought from Starz, is my understanding.
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