Weekend smoke with the teens

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Apr 30, 2016
Displaced Texan in Door County WI
Referring to the weather:  barely got to the mid-teens this weekend, but I wasn't going to be deterred.  Got back from TX a couple of weeks ago, hadn't had any barbecue since back, and needed a fix.  Found these beauties at HEB while there:

I love HEB--great stores, staff, products and prices.  I haul WI sausage and cheese to TX for family, and load up on Gulf seafood and TX meats that we can't touch for twice the price here.  And so began the prep on Friday night.  Pulled the backer membrane, cut the racks in half, and began their marinade--one rack in Myron Mixon's liquid, the other in my own concoction of soy, chicken stock, vinegar, raw sugar, and garlic.  I halved them twofold:  one is that they fit more easily in ziploc bags for their baths, and two, I needed the space on the grill and used a rib rack.  I couldn't get to the NBBD (snow and ice blocking access to it in the workshop), so I used the 30" Royal Oak on the deck instead--besides, this was all the grate space I needed anyway.

After Miss Piggy had her overnight bath, I rubbed them (one with Mixon's rub, the other with SPOG and a couple of others) and put them out with some Usinger's pre-cooked brats, chipotle and cheddar brats, and German wieners.  Fuel was KBB and smoked with cherry chips and a chunk, and hickory nut hulls and a chunk--neighbor hulls hickory nuts over the winter and gives me the shells for smoking. 

Those with a whitish hue are the pre-cookeds:  they are more of the Kulmbacher type, and my German immigrant m-i-l and her family swears by these.  Made of a veal & pork blend and finely ground, they are apparently much more popular in the region from which she hails, and says that these are the ones found most commonly at parties and festivals.  Usingers is an amazing German sausage maker in Milwaukee:  I couldn't come close to duplicating anything they make so I don't even try, and with being in Milwaukee monthly, why bother??  These are the ones used at Milwaukee's Germanfest as well.  The chipotle and cheddar were mindful of East Texas cheesy hot links that I grew up with.

I pulled the sausages after about 75 minutes, and left the bones to go nearly 3 hours.  Took them off, put small ribbons of honey on the ribs, foiled them, and back on for another couple of hours. 

Once they were done, I let them rest for about 15 minutes, sliced and started to graze.  My teenage daughter said she liked my recipe better:  the Mixon recipe was too spicy for her likes, and this coming from a kid who loves jalapenos.  If I make it again I'd likely dial back the cayenne a hair.  The marinade was funky:  major components were OJ, ginger ale, and Ranch dressing powder.  Not sure if I will, but glad I tried it. 

Thanks, gents:  certainly suffices in a pinch without the NBBD able to be used.  Although I've got a brisket in the freezer that is screaming at me every time I open the door:  may have to dig out a path to the workshop sooner than later to get the smoker out. 
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