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  1. Hey all . Im still fairly new or old to the whole smoking and or sausage habit. My dad used to get me to help butcher deer every fall. Thats all we had for alot of winters. He was a parapalegic so i would be his muscle when he needed help. His deer sausage made with red wine(home made)was hidious but we ate it.(no pork fat added). We used to brine the muscle sections from the hind quarter of the deer then i would smoke them hanging in a 45 gal barrel over about 4 or 5 days withh what ever wood chunks we had then hang them on a rack in the bathroom for weeks untill they dried out. Some of the best treats i ever had. He was from Norway and called that spicachut if anyone has any experience with that. I got a revised addition of Great sausage recipes and meat curing. Rytek Kutas circa 1984 from him the year he died. Anyway i have a little more time these days and have been getting more familiar with the old ways. Ive always had some sort of smokerto do fish or brine upland game birds and smoke or what ever but now im goin hard at learning smoking meat cuts as well as smoking and curing sausage. I bought a beef tenderloin the other day and after cleaning it up i had about 2 1/4 lbs of nice trim(chain and butt trim as well as end cuts). The nearest grocer had pork shoulder on sale so it was a no brainer. Bought 8lbs pork and another 3 lb beef blade roast and started to look at recipes. Decided to do 5lb pepperoni snack stix with fermento. And a sweadish summer sausage also with fermento.
    thats them stuffed sitting in the reaf ,smoke in the am. Thought i had pics of them mixed before stuffing but guess not. A good note here is i used preflushed tubed sheep caseing for the sticks and ran a little short on the caseing but i had some collagen caseing sitting from previous sticks so used them instead of useing another tube of sheep.(hate collagen love the sheep especially since ive been buying pre flusher tubed.)
    . We have an extra fridge in the basement that my wonderfull wife has been letting me use for my meat projects. More tommorow
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    I'm in! Can't wait to see how they turn out!
  3.  Looking good. I'll be watching.

  4. Ok so i set up the mes at 6:30 at 100* and took the pepperoni stix out of the ref to warm a little. 7:30 i hung them in the smoker to dry
    8:45 i bumped temp up to 120 and added the amazn 12 in tube . I only load the tube half full. I find if i load it full and light it there is too much smoke and the sausage closest to the tube can get a little sooty.
    . Im useing a sweet blend of pellets. Maple,beech and cherry. My plan is to bump temp up 10* every hour and continue to smoke for 5 hrs and if they are not done ill finish in water bath. Then ill start the summet sausage.
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    Lookin good ! Thumbs Up
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    Looks great so far!

  7. Thanks guys im hopeing it turns out. This is my first experience with fermento as well as useing dectrose and corn syrop solids. 12:45 just bumped up to 160*. Probed one with the maverick and IT is only 130*. Ill let it ride one more hour then get the summer sausage in.
    . The stix are getting some mice color. Got the ss out of the ref
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    WW, looks  real good !
  9. Oh this is inspirational!! Ill have to make my own sasuage one day.
  10. Ok im done 11:40 pm. Pulled the stix at 2pm IT was 130*. Took about 10 mins to bring up to 160 in water bath.
    Hung the summer sausage in the smoker for 2 hours at 120* to dry. Bump to 140* with smoke for 2 hours then 160* for another 4 hours. IT was 126. Water bath for 45 mins untill 160*. Cold water bath for 25 mins to get down to 97*.
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    WW They both look great Great Thanks for sharing Points for you


  12. Thanks ritchie they both turned out really well. Here's the money shots
    thanks for looking
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    Points for making me feel like snacking! Awesome!
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    Very nice W W. looks mighty tasty


  15. Thanks for the points bauchjw.
    Thanks for the points boykjo. Everyone says they are mighty tasty.
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    It is great to remember the old ways and this sausage looks great too.


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