Warm up time for New MES 40

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Dec 27, 2010
Joetown, MO
Just wondering, how long do you warm up your MES before placing meat inside?  Do you also put wood chips iin during the pre-heat? Thanks for all the help..

Billy Ray

Now I don't have one or have I used one so I'm shooting in the dark but I would bring the smoker up to temp. Maybe 230°-250° before I put in the meat. For your chips I would put them in about half way thur the warm-up.
I pre heat my mes 40" to 260-270° w/the exhaust vent closed and no wood chips in it.

 I  smoke at 230-235° but usually when i smoke the mes is full. so by running the temp up before hand ,when i load it up w/ cold meat it drops to just below

my smoking temp and doesn't take as long to recover.

 As soon as all the meat is loaded into the smoker ,open the vent fully and add chips.

 Once you have got smoke drop your unit cooking temp back to 5°-10°

above the actuall temp you want to cook at.
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