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Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by mustang67ford, Aug 19, 2017.

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    First post here, i am not new to grilling or jerky making, but i am looking to build a smokehouse for making jerky and bolona etc. However, don't know much about it. I have seen a couple different types of smokers. One where the fire is built in the base and the other where the fire is external and the smoke is carried in vis a duct of some sort. I am planning to build this on my back porch patio. Looking for a little guideance on what to build. Noting very big, just a reach-in type.
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    Welcome to SMF!

    I moved this to the smokehouse build section.

    I think you will get more replies there.

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  3. Im also interested on some pointers on this topic..
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    Smokehouse with several ways to control smoke and heat....

  5. I did this two years ago and wrote most of what I did on my blog. I covered some of the problems I had and the stuff I did wrong and found out later on and what I would have done different.

    Reading it might help you ask better questions. Dave helped me on here when I built mine.
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    I read through most of your smokehouse posts and have a question. Did the rocks help maintain an even temperature? Did you end up using a drip pan? Thanks bud!
  7. Yes, once the rocks reach temperature they keep it even, if the fire dies some the house temp only slowly falls. You can open the door and pull out one thing that is done and the smokehouse keeps temp.

    The drip pan is a must when making bologna. I have two hog rings fail from me being cheap and two casing dumped their contents in the drip pan making 5# of dog treats. ;) But is easier cleaning the pan than the rocks. Clean is a relative term in a smokehouse. Clean meaning not terribly filthy as the black never come off.
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    Thanks brother!
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    I figured it would work... I'd seen pictures and understood the physics but a real live test is soooo worth it... Thanks for the reply.. Dave

  10. Yes, thanks for the Ideas Dave!

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