Wach your fingers carving today.

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Jan 1, 2020
Sacramento, Calif.
Hey All,

Just a reminder to mind your parts today when slicing all your awesome meats. Never fails, I cut myself every holiday with my Dalstrongs. I work graves so soon as I got home this morning, I went to work plating the days meal. Finished cutting the roasted chicken I had and I was washing the boning knife I used. Figured I would just put a dab of soap on the blade and run my fingers over for it with flaming hot water for a quick clean..... and I would be done..


Needless to say I got my pointer finger wrapped up tight to stem the squirting LOL... Never fails when I forget to respect the blade ...... Now serving filet of finger lol.
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Yep we all get in a rush and do those things from time to time .
Glad you didn't need stitches on Christmas day !
Also watch handling those meat slicer blades. I never tough one without mesh gloves now! Won't even pick up the mandoline without them.
I use cutting gloves for my mandolin and slicer as well. I’ve cut my finger on regular blades enough I’m pretty cautious with them. Having said that I’ll probably now cut myself today.
I was out of electrical tape my go too so I used a knuckle bandage and some clear tape to get it to stop bleeding LOL. I'll let it set for a few hours then do the Neosporin spray and some real bandages. I don't go to the hospital for less than 4 stitches this is a 2 to 3 er. Least it was a clean blade HAHAHAHHAHAHA :emoji_laughing:
I can relate to the midnight shift and what it does to put you in a walking coma. Glad it was not more serious.
I just realized I did the same thing a couple of times today. Just sprayed the knife with a little soap and cleaned it off under the hot water with my fingers.
Sooner or later s**t happens. I've been lucky.
Not so lucky a couple of weeks ago changing blades in the shaver. Happens in a heartbeat....
It sure doesn't take long for fate to catch up when we're doing something for the hundredth time. That instance of carelessness is all it takes, and fate bites us. Glad it wasn't any worse.
Now I'm gonna have to pay more attention--that's exactly how I wash my blades too. LOL
I try to pay attention to wash from the back side of the blade.. making sure fingers aren't on the cutting edge side... JIC (just in case) ...
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