Vortex chicken legs

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May 26, 2020
Decent day for some chicken legs on the kettle. Half rubbed with some Boars Head white lightning and the other with some Sweet Heat by pitboss. Used a small chimney of B&B. Second time using this charcoal after using Kingsford all summer. Seems that this stuff burns a little hotter and last quite a bit longer with less ash. Kettle ran around 400. Used a small chunk of Pecan for some smoke.
Decided to throw some pork chops on for dinner tonight. Took those to 155° and pulled them.. The legs will be used for lunches and a quick dinner this week. Pulled those off at 175°


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Found this recipe online for a marinade about a year ago. Haven't looked back since. If we're grilling chops they are in that marinade for about 6-8 hours before I throw them on the grill.


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Those look great ! Haven't tried the White Lightning which flavor do you prefer ?
I've got the regular and the double garlic/butter. I cant really tell a difference between the 2. I tried their BBQ rub and it wasn't very good. But I love their white lightning
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