Veterans Day pork fest

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Mar 30, 2013
Palmer AK
I am an aircraft mechanic by trait. We have the majority of our mechanics are veterans from all branches of the military. To honor them I am going to cook them a good meal filled with smoked pork. Today I have a couple pork butts going in the drum for a long smoke in some cherry wood. I hope it turns out well.
I would just like to thank all the veterans for their service to this country.

Thats a good deed that will come back to you.Thanks 

Same here to what Brother Richie said!! 

So I don't have any after pics. I pulled the butts at 203 temp. I put them in the oven to rest. I went outside to shut down the smoker when I got back inside my wife and kids had pulled them out ripped the foil off and were devouring the meat with forks. The smoke went well. Due to the strong wind and cooler temps I had a harder time keeping the temp up. I like to run about 275 or so. I was maintaining about 210 or so for the bulk of the cook. The meat also needed more smoke. I put the same amount of chips on. I was wondering if due to the Venturi of the wind blowing over the drum if it pulled more smoke out instead of letting it get the meat. I left it unwrapped for around 7 hours like normal. Has any body noticed a change in flavor due to wind?
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