Vertical or Horizontal stuffers?

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Original poster
Jul 9, 2016
I am giving up on using my KitchenAid for stuffing and have a question for everyone.

What are the advantages/disadvantages to vertical and horizontal stuffers? Seems vertical are far more popular, but there must be a reason both are made!

What are folks preferences?

(Specifically I am looking at the Hakka 11 lb, which comes in both variations at about the same price).

Thanks for you help!
What took so long to abandon the KA as a stuffer ??  I tried mine once and quit making sausage until I joined this site...

Folks have mentioned they didn't particularly care for the amount of meat left in the elbow, tube and bottom of that stuffer design....

For my needs, the 5# verticals do very well...  pretty much very little meat remains after stuffing...  Most all are the same design..    I have many Grizzly products so I bought theirs...

If you have limited counter space the vertical stuffers are nice.

I have a LEMon. I can't recommend it even though it works good. Their customer service is horrible and you can get the same thing for less money by buying a grizzly or northern tool stuffer.
I have both. My LEM has been in use for 15 years with 0 problems. I bought a 7lb Hakka horizontal and it works great for chubs. My LEM is good for sticks and chubs because the tube sits further down.

Got rid of 3 bottom elbow stuffers, to much meat left in the elbow.
I have found it inconvenient to use my horizontal because the handle has to clear my bench and to do that I first bolt a board to the bench and then clamp my stuffer to that. It seems like a vertical could be fastened to the bench and would have handle clearance no matter where it was attached. My horizontal works fine, but just seems more inconvenient. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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