Venison Summer Sausage (First Attempt)

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May 7, 2008
So since I get the LEM stuffer I keep wanting to try new sausages. First was Breakfast sausage, Then Italian Sausage and now Venison Summer Sausage.

After reading may post here I decided to keep it simple an go with a store bought seasoning pack for the first time.

I did 9 lbs (6lbs Venison and 3 lbs Pork Shoulder) and since my last attempt I did buy a grinder attachment for my Stand mixer (baby steps and I got it on line for $25 New In Box). My Venison was already ground so I only needed to grind the Pork. 

Here is how it went....

New Grinder attachment (so much easier than my hand crank grinder)

Pork all ground up

Pork and Venison in a big pot (Half of the venison on the bottom and half on top (darker meat))

Slurry (sorry the slurry is blurry)

All miked by had for about 10 min

I let it sit in the pot for about 5 hours before i stuffed it into casings (these are the 1lb casing size)

Into the MES 30 to sit over night. tomorrow it is going to be about 36° here so I will smoke this in the afternoon.

Thanks for taking the time to look.

Well It is 36° and windy with a bit of rain so the umbrella is up (hopefully it stays up). I am in the 2nd hour (first hour at 100° no smoke) at 150° with Hickory smoke.

Edit (10 min later) umbrella is no longer up. Wife was afraid it might come through the window (that is a cast iron stand).
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Ha, I think you would be OK with the cast iron stand.
L, It must be really windy !
Yeah the wind is really blowing here. Afraid if it does not blow over it will snap the pole.
I'd like to see a finished product of the smoker, but you need to stay safe first. You can finish in the oven if it comes down to it.

Looking forward to more.
All done. Hit an internal temp of 155 and then into a ice water bath to stop the cooking. Brought down to an internal temp of 95, wiped them down and Ito the fridge to chill overnight.

A bit of shrinkage on them but not too much. I will cut one and post the finished product and results tomorrow evening.

Thanks for looking

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OK, Here is the final picture. This came out fantastic! I may never buy Summer Sausage again. I am going to take some to work tomorrow for the guys with some smoked cheese.

Thanks for looking/following along.

Mmmm Mmmm Looks great Link.... Nice job on those.... That would make some good sammies and in grilled cheese..... And I could keep going....
Looks great, congrats!

I once tried Lem's summer sausage and followed their oven instructions.  I think they dropped the ball with the oven instructions, they came out tasting like "corned beef" logs rather than summer sausage.  Now that I have an MES I may try them again but smoking.

Thanks for reporting success as I love almost all of the LEM's seasonings!
Thanks for all the comments guys. I will be making more of this. I brought 1.5 lbs of the Venison SS and 2 lbs of Smoked Sharp Cheddar to work today and it is pretty much gone. I think it was a hit. 

Lots of good comments about it and wanting to know when is the next batch being delivered.

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