varényky, pyrohý, perógies

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Mar 7, 2018
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Really does not matter what you call them but we Ukrainians call them varényky. Polish call them perógies.
So I have not made any in a long time. I have bought store bought which are terrible if youu ask me.
So my filling consists of potato, cottage cheese and I also added smoked yellow cheese.
Here is the different part of the recipe. I make my own dough but I also had a full package of wonton wraps in the fridge. They were the squire ones. Seems you can buy round ones but I have never seen them where I live.
So being lazy I decided to use the wraps as my dough.
Mixed up my mashed potato's, cheese salt & pepper in a bowl. Got going on making these little suckers. Made 30 or so.
In my home as a kid my mother would boil them, never fry them and I had to test one to see if they would stay together. Using a egg wash on the edges to hold them together they actually held together very well. I was afraid of ending up with potato soup. lol
As anything that you have never tried to make it took me near the end to get the hang of it. Getting the right amount into the wraps becuase they are small was my hardest part of making them.
Ended up boiling 12, transfered them to a corelle deep dish with fried onions and bacon.
Boiled up Kielbasa to go with the meal.
Sour cream with mixed in blueberry jam for dipping.
Ahsome meal.
Was it easier this way then making my own dough???...............maybe once I got the hang of using the wraps. I will say they tasted great.
Looks good to me, always wanted to make my own as I really love potatoes.
Buddy of mine ( polish ) made some once , way too hard to eat just thick hard cheese mostly.

I love using the egg roll wrappers for many things.

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