Sourdough 1000g Mix

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Dec 25, 2010
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Gave away all my sourdough in the freezer so last night I mixed up 1000g

My starter is crazy active (like the chickens) HA

The dough as of this morning. Going to cut it into Two 500g boules.
I just fed my starter to make up a couple of loaves this afternoon then cold proof overnight.
I keep some of the neighbors fed. My wife prefers loaf style (fits in the toaster)
Man I need to get some of your starter!

You won't be disappointed. Just follow the directions and you'll have a hot starter in a week.
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Rick your sourdough is killing the wife and I, any way to get/buy some of the dehydrated starter from you???

thx Cliff
I give my oofs to neighbors. They don't seem to care.

Pulled starter from cold storage and gave it a feeding. Feed again in the morning and start a couple of bread pan loaves to cold proof a couple days for better flavor.
A boule is nice now and then, but a loaf fits us better (and the toaster).
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