Vacation Woooohoooo

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Jan 29, 2007
between Columbus/Dayton Ohio
Well the crops are in and there is nothing I can do about the weather so the boss can worry while I go on vacation we will be going to lake cumberland for my stepdads for the weekend and then sunday or monday we are going to Rawleigh / Duram NC. area any good Q. places there that is a must try
What's a vacation....?

Oh yeah.....those two weeks between semesters where I'm too poor to go anywhere.

Hey....have a safe trip and come back better than when you left!
There's quite a few places to try around here...please remember it's Eastern Carolina (Vinegar BBQ). A few places are "Olde Time BBQ", "Danny's BBQ", "Smithfields BBQ and Chicken", "Rubs Smokehouse", and "Q-Shack". There are some in Chapel Hill, but I can't remember the names of them, and I am sure there are more in Raleigh, but these are places I tend to hit for lunch.
thanks for the sugestions guys and the well wishes ...Jeremy chapel hill is where I am going to visit family and zebulon I may look for a house while there in chapel hill
Very cool...if you have friends/family in Chapel Hill, they may know the's a decent drive from Cary (South of Raleigh), so I don't get to Chapel Hill very often, but I know it's a famous place.

Hope you enjoy the area! I've been here for 3 1/2 years and love it! I spent 3 1/2 years in Boston, and this is the best move I ever made.
Smithfields is great...for about $7-8, you get a plate with "BBQ" (aka Pulled Pork), 1-2 pieces of Fried chicken, hush puppies, and 2 sides. Not a lot to their menu...just pulled pork and Fried chicken!
tommorrows my last day till the 9th got my eye on a nice sized pork shoulder and some ribs some chicken and fatties and meatloaf and turkey and ribeyes and maybe a gotta think of something for the 2nd day
You're not part of the Ohio Navy are you?
I pass countless boats on the way to work on Sunday nights...gotta go North on I-75 from the 104 to the 115 to get to roll call...all seem to have Ohio plates. Have fun at the lake!
when i read Woooohoooo i thought pics of the sex spot youve had
or maby its going to have some
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