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Let me start by saying I am NOT techy. I want to be. But, I'm 51 and it doesn't come easy to me like it does some folks.

I have reviewed some thermo's and I seem to find plenty that operate from my phone so long as I'm within a certain range of the smoker. But, is there one that works even if I'm at work. Like 15 miles away? I think that would use wi-fi instead of bluetooth but this is where I'm kinda slow on these things. Is this possible and if so, what unit do you recommend?
First let me start by saying that SMF is littered with threads about smokes that went south due to something failing while the cook was asleep or away.

That being said, I don't have one, but the Signal from Thermoworks would be my choice. It's pricey at around $240, but I've looked at it and that would be the one I got if I wanted WiFi control. It also has Bluetooth...

BTW, I'm not techy, either...😄
Plenty of WiFi enabled therms out there in a wide range of prices. I have a Inkbird 4 probe I've used pretty hard over the last 4 yrs. And I like it. It is nice to be able to see whats going on even when not at home. Although I try not to leave for long if I have to. And for the most part they are pretty easy to set up.

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