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  1. smoke_chef

    Using my phone

    Let me start by saying I am NOT techy. I want to be. But, I'm 51 and it doesn't come easy to me like it does some folks. I have reviewed some thermo's and I seem to find plenty that operate from my phone so long as I'm within a certain range of the smoker. But, is there one that works even if...
  2. babydocsmoke

    Wireless probe thermometer

    I have no experience with it. Some reviews are very good if that means anything. Its half off right now if that means anything either.
  3. endo129

    Maverick ET-735 Refresh Rate

    Hi all, I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced a change in the refresh rate of their maverick thermometer. For some reason it now flashes, which is annoying but whatever, but it also only updates the temp every 10-20 seconds instead of in real time. It makes it difficult to see if the...
  4. Daba's BBQ

    Inkbird Died; suggestions for a new probe

    My 2-probe Inkbird died after 45 days. I am now in the market for a new one, but don't want to go with Inkbird again. Suggestions?
  5. Daba's BBQ

    Inkbird IRF-4S. Very Disappointed. Now I need a new one ASAP. Any suggestions?

    Good morning everyone. I just picked up the Inkbird IRF 4S and I am very disappointed with it. I tested it last night and again this morning. Not only is it difficult to program, the instructions are horrendous, but the oven probe also doesn't work. I am doing an overnight cook on Saturday and...
  6. M

    DigiQ DX3 For Sale

    I bought this for $229 and used 3-4x but had to sell my smoker. It is in great condition. Willing to sell at a discount. Contact me. [email protected]
  7. Cookin_Grillin_Smokin

    Need recommendations on a new Bluetooth Thermometer

    I current use the ThermoPro TP25 to smoke meats. It is a great thermometer but I have 1 issue with the thing The probes are waaaaaay too long. The probes on this thing are 9" long and it makes it very difficult to smoke multiple cuts of meat in my smokers without them touching or getting in the...
  8. Hambone-Hambone

    All the questions!

    Hi, new to the site, spent about 6 hours reading thread after thread on bark yesterday and it seems like this is the spot for questions! So here goes! I'm a 34 y/o Vet who just got into smoking. I've been grilling since I was a kid. Grill: Just bought a Pit Boss 1000sc First Toy: Thermoworks...
  9. rob gebby

    Need Pit Thermometer

    Someone told me to get a pit thermometer since you cant trust the ones in the door of the unit. My new smoker is saying (via that untrustworthy one in the door) that it wont go below 245 even with the vents as closed as they will go, which is about 2/3rds of the way. I need a thermometer that...
  10. Cj7851

    Inkbird IHT-1P

    Just got my inkbird instant read thermometer and already very pleased. Was happy to see it was charged right out of the box. I checked the calibration in ice water and it was spot on. Can't wait to use it for a cook Thanks @Inkbirdbbq
  11. marriedman

    Looking for a wi-fi multi-probe thermometer. NOT bluetooth

    I have been searching through this subforum for recommendations as well as going through Amazon, but the search term wifi is too often confused with wireless. And evidently wireless synonymous with bluetooth. The trick here is that I want the main unit to have physical buttons. I don't want to...
  12. M

    Monitoring internal temp, analog thermometer mount?

    Hi all, I just bought an MES 130B. Do the temperature levels differ much inside the unit from top to bottom, or from side to side? I know that everyone suggests digital probes. I do have one, and will probably upgrade to a better dual probe unit soon. It seems to me that it would be nice to...
  13. Daz

    made some 8' long wire meat probes 100k ohm

    Hi all, Have had folks asking for these long wire probes for their XL smokers, finally we got time to get some made. I'm here trying to figure out besides iGrill and Thermopro what are other popular thermometer brands out there that also uses 100k ohm probes (igrill, thermapro and bbqube) Thanks!
  14. boxracing

    Does the thermometer increase the cook ... and through off the final temp?

    Hey Y'all, Smoked a bunch of meat a few years ago and then the smoker sat for a while. Now I have time on my hands, so I am back in it to help give meals to a few folks in need (death of a parent for a friend and sick wife for the inlaws). I did 3 spatchcocked chickens in my masterbuilt...
  15. Whiskeysmoker

    Multi Thermometer Test and Results- ThermoPop/TelTru/Weber

    Hello Fellas and Lady Fellas, I have recently purchased a couple of Tel-Tru BQ300 thermometers and decided to test their accuracy along with a couple of other thermometers I have. The thermometers included are Tel-Tru BQ300 x2, ThermoPop digital meat thermometer x1, Weber manufacturer...
  16. fajitapot

    PSA: ThermoWorks Sale Ends Today - Up to 60% Off

    Just thought some might be interested in this.
  17. MetalHeadMeatEater

    ThermoPro T20 random shifts in reading

    Hey SMF community, I wanted to see if anyone knows what my issue might be that I'm running into. Took my WSM22 on its maiden voyage yesterday, and ended up with an amazing pork butt (all thanks to the amazing masters here on the forums!) And it was partly due to the awesomeness of the T20, but...
  18. U

    Fireboard or Flame Boss controller?

    Hi I am quite new to the forum and am jn the market for a controller I have narrowed it down to two items based on availabilty and some research fellow smokers what do you recommend for a controller? Fireboard with additional controller cable and added varible speed fan(purchased extra) it also...
  19. Scott Plummer

    Very first time smoking

    Couple questions for all you experts.... Concerning the temperature & thermostat: - I have read on this forum, at BBQ stores and friends that the Maverick 732 or the733 are the best out there. I am getting tons of different opinions on other sites. Per Amazon the reviews are not as good as...
  20. C

    need help - Internal temperature not accurate, probably user error

    Hello all, I just started smoking a few weeks ago and I’m loving it, but running into some issues and can’t seem to find what I’m looking for with google searches. I’ll put the details of my equipment at the bottom. So, my issue is that I can never seem to get an accurate internal temperature...