Using ECA or Encapsulated Citric Acid.. (2 guys and a cooler)

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Dave I find the 007 or the FL-c works much better for the tang! use your PH meter and things should be right!

Seems mother nature usually does stuff better than man made designed stuff......
I've been thinking about getting one of those electronic pH meters in place of "fancy" pHydron test strips to check pH.... Eric sure can convince a guy to spend more money.... He makes some awesome videos.... For a cajun living in Panama, or where ever, he's got some great stuff going... I really like his videos... He's a smart dude.....
We are very fortunate to have him, as a member, on this forum....
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I'm a newbie on this forum and completed watching Eric's most of videos in a few nights 🤣😉 I might be too enthusiastic....
Very well made educating videos, highly recommended! Thanks Eric
Man I slipped some of that in my Lebanon Bologna recipe the wife came up and as I "Thought" it would make it like true aged stuff. The wife and daughter quicly informed me how wrong I was! The ECA kind of counter acted the sugar sweetness they liked so much.
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Stuff and smoking rarely happen same day for me so no ECA. I recently fermented some UMAI and summer sausage and honestly not sure why I put it off so long. I would say it's about the same effort to use a culture as to use ECA. Eric did a GREAT job breaking down the use of ECA tho.

In homebrewing circles it's well known that besides being expensive, pH meters are finicky and do not last long. Just be aware. Also, VERY high maintenance. Must be rinsed with certain solutions, calibrated for each use, etc. IMO if you take VERY accurate notes you can learn to predict the ferment and not rely so heavily on the meter. At a casual glance this info does not seem like much but to me it sure is! Many thanks to indaswamp indaswamp for sharing!
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