Upscale Whole Hog Qview

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  1. It was an awesome party.  130 pound hog rubbed down and cooked over coals for 8 hours.  It was a hit.


    It was perfect.



    Later on that night we did a family dinner for 40 that was heavily polish.  They are great customers, and one dish they wanted was Escalloped Sauerkraut.  After I made it I had leftover Keilbasa and Sauerkraut so I made them a Fattie and carved it like tenderloin.  It was the hit.  I thank whoever came up w/the idea.  All I know is that I learned it here.

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    Looks Great...
  3. Looks awesome Scooch. One thing you need to learn though. BEARVIEW!
  4. meateater

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    Looks great but them small pics are hard on these older eyes. [​IMG]
  5. Thanks.  I took the pics with my phone.  I don't know how to make them bigger.  I'll post more soon
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    Looks like quite a spread.
  7. New pics. Is this better?

  8. What's Bearview? I'm familiar with Beerview.

    I found out how to make my pictures bigger.



    I wish I had taken more.


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    Man thats what I am talking about....I have only had 1 of those in my life...[​IMG]
  10. I'm figuring out this picture thing.

  11. One of what?
  12. Yeah. Way better. That's what I'm talkin about.  That pig looks totally awesome. A Bearview is a close up. Very close. Yes I think you got the hang of the picture thing. [​IMG]
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    Great looking hog and pics! What phone do have the takes pictures of that quality?
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  16. The good pictures were taken with my daughter's camera. 
  17. That's how I get good pics too Scooch. [​IMG]
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    Great photo's Scooch!    

  19. Looks great. What's in that fattie???

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