Update.... First try at Venison Pastrami. Score....

Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by mowin, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. mowin

    mowin Master of the Pit

    Decide it's time to try my hand at V Pastrami. I recently made one from a corned beef that was incredible.
    I separated both hinds into the three major muscles. I did remove the eye of rounds, as I really enjoy those grilled.
    These are the four pieces that volunteered for the mission.
    Mixed up a gallon of pops brine. I injected the two larger pieces, just to make sure they cure completely.
    Simmered two tbsp of pickling spices in a couple cups of water, let it cool and added it to the brine.

    In 8 days, ill remove them, rinse and apply a rub then into the fridge overnight before smoking.
    Really hoping it turns out great. I've got some friends coming from Maine for opening day of rifle season, and I've promised them some venison pastrami.

    Wish me luck... To be continued.........
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  2. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Sounds like you're on the right track. I'll hang around for the finish.
  3. bmaddox

    bmaddox Master of the Pit

    I am definitely interested in this one. 
  4. crazymoon

    crazymoon Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    M, Looking good !
  5. Very interested in this as well.........[​IMG]
  6. halfsmoked

    halfsmoked Master of the Pit Group Lead SMF Premier Member

    Doesn't seem like you are making enough to go around. Oh well my luck. Hope it turns out well.
  7. mowin

    mowin Master of the Pit

    I'll text ya a pic of the smell... :biggrin:
  8. halfsmoked

    halfsmoked Master of the Pit Group Lead SMF Premier Member

    And I was going to bring the beer
  9. mowin

    mowin Master of the Pit

    Sure, now ya throw the "beer card".. :biggrin:
  10. bluebombersfan

    bluebombersfan Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Love to see how this turns out!
  11. halfsmoked

    halfsmoked Master of the Pit Group Lead SMF Premier Member

    Hey you always play the ace in the hole last!
  12. mowin

    mowin Master of the Pit

    Well, today was the day I had time to smoke my venison pastrami.
    I put a generous amount of CBP, onion, garlic powder on the pastrami to be.

    Onto the GMG @175* with the hopper & amnts filled with Hickory pellets.
    I kept this temp for 4 1/2 hrs untill the ampts burned out.

    I pulled them at a IT of 160- 165*, and placed them on a rack in a foil pan wraped in foil to steam.
    Ready for the sauna. Color looks good, and the aroma is enticing.

    Steamed to an IT of 201, and let sit for 30 min before carving.

    As promised I Took two hunks to the butcher shop (aka cousins garage where we butcher/process our deer) for the guys to critique.

    Guess they liked it.

    Flavor was incredible. I never use salt on anything, so I wasn't surprised when I thought it was a tad salty. However everyone else thought it needed more salt.

    Moisture...... Well it's an extremely lean piece of meat. I wasn't expecting a super moist cut. Whlie warm, it was moist, but as it cooled, it tended to dry out some. Still didn't deter the guys from eating 4 pounds of it.. lol.

    I'm going to brake out the slicer and slice it thin, then vac seal for future meals. The wife who will not eat version, actually said it wasn't bad....

    Comments. Please share how you have made it. I tried temps posted for pastrami made from a corned beef, so maybe different temps may produce better results.
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  13. bmaddox

    bmaddox Master of the Pit

    That looks really good! I am interested to hear if anyone has done this to a lower temp. Since there really is no fat to break down on venison you might only have to take it to 165. 
  14. mowin

    mowin Master of the Pit

    I'm thinking the same thing. Maybe bring the IT to 125* then steam to 165*
    But than I start thinking a brisket has very little fat other than the fat cap, and thats cooked to a higher temp.

    Time to experiment on the next batch..
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  15. bmaddox

    bmaddox Master of the Pit

    I think those temps will work. If I had any roasts I would try it but I only have ground right now.

    Brisket has a lot of collagen running through the meat that venison does not and that is what melts at higher temps which is why I am thinking the higher temps might not be necessary. 

    Let me know if you do another batch. 
  16. 4pogo7

    4pogo7 Smoking Fanatic

    That is making me hungry! Looks really good. I have never done pastrami before but I might have to try it after seeing this.

    For the temp (again, never done pastrami before) I would assume you just need to go high enough to cook it fully. 165* like you guys are saying should be good. Is there any reason why pastrami would need to go higher other than breaking down collagen if the meat has it?

    Just my thoughts.
  17. mowin

    mowin Master of the Pit

    I've got several roasts I was saving for jerkey, but I'm thinking I may take a couple and do another batch and finish at a lower temp.
  18. 4pogo7

    4pogo7 Smoking Fanatic

    Well if you do let us know how it goes. Great post BTW!

  19. crazymoon

    crazymoon Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    M, great looking strami ! [​IMG]
  20. mowin

    mowin Master of the Pit

    Thanks for the points guys.. I'll be putting a couple more hunks in pop's brine next week. I'll keep ya posted on how the lower temps work out.

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