UDS Ribs

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Original poster
Jan 11, 2014
Finally got pics of ribs in my UDS...


Mustard and then used some store bought rib rub

Used lump charcoal with some Pecan wood chunks

After 2.5 hours already looking good...

Next I wrapped these babies up in Foil with a little Apple Juice


After 1 hour wrapped


Final product didnt last long... Best ribs to date...

Looks very good. How was the smoke flavor? Looks like alot of smoke coming out of the exhaust.
I used pecan chunks so it wasnt a real strong smoke flavor and in that pick was about 30 min into the cook smoke slowed down as the cooking went on.
What temp was the uds at? Just curious. I love pecan. Wish I could get it here.
The drum ran around 275-280. This was my first time using lump charcoal... seemed to  be hotter. Think i will start with less hot coals.
Tasty looking ribs! I actually like to smoke mine a bit hotter, usually around 265. I know with my UDS it's harder to drop temp than to climb. So I shoot for about 15-20 above my target them add the meat. By the time I get the lid on I'm usually close to temp. I don't use a chimney I fill my basket Put it in the drum and use my weed burner to start one spot going. Works great and can be up to temp in 5-15 minutes depending on how hot I'm shooting for.
I like to cut my own wood.   I buy only when I have too.
Ribbies look real good ! Thumbs Up I really like smoking with pecan in my pellet grill....
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