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  1. Well, my first UDS proved to work fantastic and just so happened, I had one more drum that was ready to go...just needed to put things together.

    A good friend of mine got bit by the smoking bug last summer hanging out with me at our cabin, but didn't want to buy an ECB or SnP and doesn't really have the funds to buy a nice Weber etc.  So, I couldn't think of a better gift to give a friend than the gift of smoking.

    I call it the Mk II because I made a couple of changes from my first one.  I dropped the meat great down to 9" from the top instead of 8" because I found that a medium sized beer can chicken touched the lid, hopefully, one more inch will help that out.  I also put the temp gauge just under the grate on the side as opposed to in the lid like the Mk I.  I found when cooking large cuts of meat, the cool temperature of the meat throws off my gauge for several hours (it seems), essentially making the gauge useless for awhile.  I always have a digital probe on the grate, but still, I wanted the gauge to be fairly accurate.   A few minor details like a lid hook and handle are a little different, but do essentially the same thing.  Also, the lid I had for this build did not have a 'bung', so I drilled 8-3/4" inch holes in the lid for the exhaust.

    I did a seasoning run on Friday with the intention of giving it to him Saturday.

    well...enough jibber-jabber...on to some q-view

    This all got planned on Thursday, so I was a bit short on time or I would have painted it up with some Red Sox colors since he's a transplanted East Coaster...

    but, he did get a fancy racing stripe.


    We also picked him up a bag of coals, a charcoal chimney and some hickory wood.  I wanted him to be able to cook something "right out of the box."

    We picked up some fattie fixin's, Italian Sausage, roasted red peppers, jalapeno, cheddar cheese and of course, some bacon.

    I went ahead and made one before we left to give him his smoker, and just took all the ingredients so he could learn how to make one.  He rolled one up while the smoker was heating up and we tossed them on.


    Mines the one that is a little tighter, but looks really don't matter, they were both delicious.


    This one, I call the money shot.


    We also smoked some ABT's and grilled some asparagus and a bit of tater salad.

    We had put a small pork butt on when we put the fatties on, it was only to 180* when we had to go home because I had to get some rest so I could cook a couple of butts for Easter dinner.  I haven't heard yet today how the pork turned out...

    here's where it was cruising after 6 hours

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    How are the temps below the grate, more spot on or about the same?
  3. The temps below the grate are +-5* compared to the probe on the grate, so close enough for smoking meat.  

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