Two Butts for BBB and Pork Roast

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    Pick up these two butts on a great deal at $.87/lb after discounts. Needed to make more BBB and a rolled pork roast. Removed the bone from each and split them keeping the top fat cap half for the BBB and the bottom half for the rolled pork roast. I  followed Bear's "Step by Steps" for curing the halves in TQ and Brown sugar for the correct amount of time. The bottom half of the butt was seasoned with an old family recipe and rolled and tied before going on the smoker.

    Both of these smokes turned out great. Thanks to the great people on this forum that put forth great ideas to keep us all SMOKIN.

    Enjoy and Merry Christmas to All.

    Getting Started

    Bottom half being seasoned for the Pork Roast

    Rolled and into the refrig for an over night rest

    On the Lang at 275

    Pork Roast (No Foiling)    
    Lang Smoker      
     Lang Temp    
    3 Hour275147  
    4 Hour275153Potatoes In
    5 Hour275160  
    6 Hour275171Potato's done in 1.5 hours
    7 Hour275186  

    Finished and ready to rest for 30 minutes

    Pork roast, potatoes and fresh slaw.

    The Money shot

    Smoking day for the BBB was windy and rainy so fired up the MES, Using Pitmaster pellets in AMAZE tray.

    Held the MES temp at 130 for the 8 hours of smoke and drying time and results were as expected.

    Developed great color and they picked up the nice smoke flavor.

    Butts for BBB in the MES at 130

    Cooling before being sealed up and into the refrig for a couple of days before slicing

    Out of the freezer after 3 hours and the finished slices of the BBB

    Finished with 8# of bacon ready for the freezer.
  2. dirtsailor2003

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    Everything looks great! POINTS!!!
  3. bearcarver

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    I Gotta agree with Case!!![​IMG]

    Beautiful Job, Larry!![​IMG]----------------[​IMG]

    Nice Looking BBB, and that Roast Rolled Pork looks Perfect !![​IMG][​IMG]

  4. Great looking projects.
  5. thesmokist

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    Man that looks great! I haven't ever tried to make the bbb. It looks like that is gonna get added to the to do list
  6. twoalpha

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    Thanks for the comments and the point.
  7. twoalpha

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    The pork roast developed a nice bark without being foiled and was still juicy and tender.

    Also the BBB taste was spot on and went well with the eggs and taters.

    Thanks for the point.

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    Larry sorry for being late to the party,I'll stop by on may way home to pickup some samples LOL

    Nice job I'll check with you on my way home from Ga. to see if they still have a great price on butts. Thanks


  9. twoalpha

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    Bacon samples are available if you want to stop by. Just follow the smoke and aroma to the house or send PM for directions.

    Watch out for the holiday traffic.

    Thanks for the point

  10. mancave

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    Very nice looking pork roast. Bark with no foil looks great. [​IMG]

    Need some of that bacon. [​IMG]
  11. twoalpha

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    Thanks for the comments and the point.


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