Twas the day before Christmas....

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Aug 5, 2018
...and all through the shop, nothing was above freezing except for the chucky on the bottom and the one on top!
The chuck's were seasoned by hand with great care. In hopes that the garlicy, salty and peppery flavor would soak in there.
Half through the cook, the chucks were nestled in their aluminum beds.
While visions of brown sugar coating and BBQ sauce danced in their heads.
Much like a mini brisket without a fat cap
They are settled down for a long smokey nap!
When switching them out, there arose such a clatter
I almost slipped on the ice to see what was the matter.
The wind tore open the door with a flash
I got hit in the eyes with snow, ice and ash
The arctic blast of Elliot supplies new blown snow
Causing massive snow drifts from the top of my driveway to down below.
Then what to my wondering eyes should appear
A temp of 195 that I hold so dear!
Cut up in chunks with a knife so quick
Speed and caution should do the trick
From the top of the porch to the top of the wall
The whole shed smelled amazing, like a bonfire in fall
This cook on this great day so merry
I'm glad I used hickory instead of cherry!

Been on for 2-3 hours and still have snow on top lol


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Aug 5, 2018
With my cheeks red like roses and my nose needing to blow.
The beard on my chin white with ice and snow.
The smoke hung in the air like I was with cheech and Chong
It was at this moment, I knew I could do no wrong
This honor,... this order, of thin blue smoke
Yeah, .....hell yeah, I think I'll take a poke!
A wink of my eye and a nod of my head
I regret nothing, I have nothing to dread
I do what I must and don't mind the work
Maybe next time I'll do Caribbean jerk.
And with that I must go, I have stuff to do
So Merry Christmas to all and smoke something too!
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Aug 5, 2018
So anyways lol. I chose to use the MES 30 today, due to the temps so I didn't go through like 3 or more bags of pellets on the woodwind 24 trying to fight these Temps.
Long story short, seasoned and put in smoker by 1030, when IT hit 165, pulled and placed in foil pans and covered with foil. ( only did this instead of wrapping to save on foil, I was going to use the pans anyway later on.) Ran them up to 195, then pulled, cubed, coated with brown sugar and BBQ sauce. Put back in @230 with smoke along with 5 venison and cheese brats. At this point, I had to pull my brother in kaw out after getting stuck trying to plow our driveway ! Which is fair, because i got stuck yesterday in the same spot! Then Ran my boy to the farm to check his cattle and then to the store to grab some festive beverages! By the time we got back, the brats were done, so I wrapped them in foil and took them to the house. Last leg of the ends cook was adding a touch more garlic salt, brown sugar and BBQ sauce for snother 15 minutes. Removed, consolidated and wrapped so they stay somewhat warm on the trek inside! Hope you guys enjoyed half as much as I did! Merry Christmas!






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Sep 15, 2012
Looks like some good treats from here. Great cook and entertaining write up.

Point for sure
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