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I've done turkeys for the past 2 years, both Thanksgiving and Christmas. They turned out excellent each time...so I guess the luck has been good... What's your question?
I used this recipe for the Brine


Smoked over a mix of Hickory, Sugar Maple, and a little Apple...the skin was the only thing I was disappointed with...it was a little "rubbery" and tough...but the meat underneath...was EXCELLENT!!! Done temp was 165 taken in the thigh (be careful to go a deep with probe as possible WITHOUT hitting the bone for accuracy)

Using a good brine can be very helpful, and you can smoke at higher temps to get a crispier skin, 300° and above are ok. I've smoked poutry anywhere bewtween 350°-400°, just watch the wing tips for burning, or foil them. Be sure and give it a good resting time before you slice it up. It's all good my friend.
I smoke my turkeys at 250* and always have great skin on the finish.  try basting with melted butter before placing it in the smoker-- probably a key to my nice skin results.  Salt & pepper on the butter.  I like to keep the woods light: fruit or nut woods aren't too aggressive.  Don't stuff the turkey -- way too long in the danger zone!  My 20+ pounders are done in roughly 4.5 hours.
Use a good brine an injection, there be one in the wiki thats good.

Smoke a 12 pound turkey, get much bigger an yer gonna have ta spatchcock it ta get through the danger zone in time.

Smoke in the 350° range fer a nice skin.

Let it rest fer say 15 ta 30 minutes after the smoke fer the juices ta redistribute.

Use any wood ya like, Maple be very nice.
Looking for smoke time and temps, i was going to use a brine but didnt now what or weather to rub with anything or not.  thanks
Thanks for all the help !!   I really enjoy this forum !!   I always check it for ideas.  I have a CI electric that smoker that tops out about 275deg so I guess we'll see what shes got with the bird!  I did do 9 chicken quarters on a blustery winter day, that turned out great.   Ill post some pics with some details of the results!  Thanks again and have a great holliday!!
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