TS-250 on stand with warming tower

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top shot bbq

Smoke Blower
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Oct 31, 2013
Murfreesboro Tennessee
Customer Picked up and headed to Muscle Shoals AL. as an upgrade cooker for a new BBQ joint " WHO'S BBQ " weighing in at nearly 1600lbs we had to add last min casters to it to get it on the trailer. ( lift couldn't get high enough for trailer) This cooker will reside in an enclosed shack.

Specs: Main CC

            top Main CC rack- 58''x22'' 6'' head space

           Bottom Rack  - 58''x28.5''  8.25'' head space

            5'' sq chimney 14''

            double flanged sides / fiber rope bottom gasket

            2'' inner drip rail

           3'' TEL-TRU Therm /2.5'' Probe RVT silicone  sealed threads

            Short counter weight mod due to back wall clearance

Warming tower-

14.5'' wide x 23'' deep 5.25'' head space 5 racks. Smoke butterfly vent , 3''sq outflow chimney / fiber rope gasket

2'' TEL-TRU 4'' prob

Firebox 24''x24''x24''  -3/16''sides and top 1/4'' bottom- slide air vent inlet / fiber rope gasket

We also pre-paint underside of all trim and flanges and base material to prevent rust drip lines.


Yea it should !!! The owner has been selling out of Q every Saturday so it was time for an upgrade. We love it when folks can make a living with our products !

Very nice looks great  cant wait to see the product you will be making in that
It is a real beauty....how does the draw work with that butterfly into the warming rack?
Neither the warming tower or fire box are insulated it has a one inch air gap between the two, the flow is good as a warming tower. The warming tower wasn't designed as true additional CC space. it will hold 150-175 Deg pretty easy. the butterfly will shut down the smoke completely or let it in for BBQ bake beans, or as a cold smoke rack.
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