Trying to perfect the double barrel smoker

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by rednekc09, Nov 3, 2011.

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    Hey everyone, how goes it?

    I am brand new to this board as a member but I have been "patrolling" it for a couple months.  You guys sound like you have a great deal of experience in the smoking world.  I am looking for some advice for my smoker.  I had an old wood stove sitting around, so I decided to turn this into my first smoker. 

    The plan is:

    Two 55 gallon drums with the woodstove kit (custom made legs and firebox door),  with one flue in the center of the bottom barrel going to the top barrel, I was thinking of putting one chimney of 4 in stove pipe out the end of the top barrel opposite of the firebox door,  this stack will have a damper as well.  While reading some of the builds, I found that it is better to have the chimney hole 3/4 below the cooking rack, is this true? 

    I know its a lot of info and I'll try to get some pics,  but things of concern after reading many of your guys' posts:

    Is one flue in the center enough? Or should I have 2?

    Do I need to put Two chimneys on it to help evenly distribute smoke?

    SHould I use 6 in stove pipe for chimney if flue is 6 in?

    What should I use to catch drippings ( or do I need to catch drippings) in the cooker barrel?

    Thanks in advance and I am looking forward to talking to some of you gurus!
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  3. rednekc09

    rednekc09 Newbie

    Anyone have any input on this subject?  Really looking for some expert opinion!

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