Trying to do sausage for the first time.

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by hamrhead1971, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. I am getting ready to try my hand at making sausage as soon as my stuffer is delivered. Stopped by bass pro today to see what kind of casings they had and all they have is the LEMs. The edible casings are a smoked calogen casing. It says do not soak in water. Has anyone tried these?

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    What sausage are you planning on making? Never used smoked collagen casings before.
  3. The first thing I plan on making is some boudin. After that, some deer sausage.
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    Congrats on the new toy,,you will be addicted here soon, I have not used smoked ones but no water is needed on collagen casings,,,,, They work great for snack sticks, around 19-22MM,,,, Have not used these larger ones.

    Good luck and let us know how she goes

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    Collagen is a little tougher to the tooth than natural, but they are easy to work with and will be good practice for your first run...JJ
  6. Yes that is correct. Do not soak in water, just stuff as they are.

    I use the collagen casings for snack sticks and they work great.For all other sausage I use natural hog casings.
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    Definitely go with natural hog and sheep casings next time. They work perfectly. Never tried collagen sorry.
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  8. Thanks guys. I had wanted to make a batch of boudin tonight but we have some pretty strong storms rolling thru so I probably will wait till this weekend. Might be able to get back over to Baton Rouge and get some hog casings at Cabelas.
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    This sounds kind of crazy , but I just did a test batch of sausage without casings. I used corn husk and rolled them up and tied butchers twine on each ends. Then smoked them. Couldn't believe how awesome they came out. I used 1/2 Vinson and 1/2 pork butt ratio for the meat. I got this idea from diners drive ins and dives the other day so decided to try it out for myself. Will definitely be trying again. :sausage:
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    I have used LEM 19mm collagen casings and was pleased with them. If you're looking for natural casings I would buy them from a supplier as the quality is better. You will enjoy making sausages. Have fun and post some pictures!
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    I still dont get how this thread isnt a sticky on the front page.  For real.  It helped me so much with my sausage making.  Im so grateful. 

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