Tribute To My Pap - Dry Cured Ham, Sausage, CB, BBB, Dried Beef

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    Story of my life, a day late and a dollar short. Better late than never though. At least I don't owe ya money.

    Dang, I didn't realize anyone but a Pro could do so much at the same time. I apologize, I missed the obvious answer there. <slaps heal of hand to forehead>

    It all looks good man, and know your Pap knows everything you are doing and is smiling more because of it. Not just because of what you are doing but because he remembers the joy he had doing it also. He also sees how much you enjoy it, and how well you do it.

    I'm in, I'd love to watch and learn.

  2. I used my injector & injected each half with 8 oz. of brine. The injector holds 4 oz. & I injected from one end then refilled & injected from the other end. I did the same to the other piece.

    Here they are after injection & in my mini brine bucket. I use it for BBB & smaller things like this - saves space & brine  [​IMG]

    Bag of water to make sure everything stays submerged in the brine.

    Sealed up & ready to go in the fridge. They will stay in there for 7 days to cure & then I will dry/smoke them.
  3. Thank you very much Foamheart  [​IMG]   He told me I brought back a lot of good memories when he ate my dry cured ham  [​IMG]    My dad is not a cook & doesn't do any curing or sausage making so it was up to me to carry on the tradition.  Pap told me today that he was proud of me for doing it & thanked me again for what I've been making him. You guys can laugh if you want but it brought a tear to me eye & makes anything I do worthwhile...

  4. Here are the olives after 3 hours in the smoke.

    I put them back in the jar where they will rest for 2 days.

    Here is the BBB after coming out of the smoker.

    It took some really good color & smells great! It's resting in the fridge & I will slice it tomorrow & take a mess to my pap  [​IMG]

    I need to flip & massage the Canadian Bacon - be back directly...
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    Not laughing at all, I am the same way with my pap.

    He is bed bound, I took him some of my dried beef and he was happier than he has been in a long time.

    I know what your going through.

    Good job by the way.
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    Curious on your beef brine too.. ill post this to remind me to ask ya when you have a few hands free..:yahoo:.. still ooking great! Paps is a lucky man to have you under his wings ;)
  7. Thanks man  [​IMG]
  8. Thanks Mikey  [​IMG]    I'm gonna do what I can to keep him happy...
  9. Figured I'd take a couple pics of the CB while I had it out & show the fluid drawn out so far.

    Here is the plain CB for my pap. You can see the fluid in the bottom of the bag & the corner.

    Same here with the hot & spicy.

    These bags get taken out daily & massaged & then flipped over before putting back in the fridge. After a few more days most of the fluid will get drawn back in to the CB & they will firm up considerably.

    To be continued & thanks again for checking out my thread.
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    That really does have some nice color! I've been learning to not rush the pellicle and how important it is. I started out putting loins in the fridge overnight and that didn't work very well. Now I put them in front of the fan for hours until I'm satisfied with the pellicle. You sure have it down pat.

    My grandparents smoked sausage and a lot of salmon but then smoking skipped a generation. I was young when they did their smoking. When I learn something from the forum it brings back memories of how they did things. I think it will probably skip another generation but my oldest grandson thinks its cool.
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    K just checking. U r making a lot of things that looks good
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    Since that is a pretty common saying around here, you think maybe that the introduction of electricity might have something to do with that missed generation? The very first practical application of electricity (during the war between Edison with DC current and Farraday/Westinghouse with AC current), was in 1893 at the Chicago World's Fair. Chicago the country's meat market?  Then the railroads started transporting it. Next thing we know the important news is Lindsey Lohan's Mom's DUI?

    I remember my Grandpa's house had two electric light bulbs and a gasoline generator, he had one other DC light and a radio that ran off the wind turbine.

    There has been a lot of changes in their lifetimes. They no longer have to watch TV in the dark!
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  13. WOW! There is a lot going on in this thread, thanks for taking the time to share the pic's with us!

    I will enjoy following along [​IMG]
  14. Thanks Todd  [​IMG]    I have really thin drying racks that I put the meat on then prop them up so there is 5 or 6" underneath them for good airflow & hit them with a fan. Flip over a couple times & they get a great pellicle.

    You should teach him what you can & write down your recipes & processes - I wish my pap had written down more of his...
  15. Thanks man  [​IMG]
  16. [​IMG]   You may be on to something there...
  17. Thanks Squatch  [​IMG]
  18. Ok time to slice up the BBB.

    I got the trusty Hobart out  [​IMG]

    Threw the first piece on & sliced it up.

    & then my camera went dead  [​IMG]

    I apologize but I finished slicing the other piece & headed to my pap's house with some. I charged my camera there & I will get some sliced pics to put up as soon as I get the bacon back out.

    I did take a couple pics of his old smokehouse while I was there.

    It's seen its better days but to be fair it hasn't been used in ages.

    He built it himself & it had plenty of room in it for a nice load  [​IMG]

    Be back shortly with the summer sausage...
  19. I forgot to mention that my pap was happy to get the bacon  [​IMG]
  20. Ok here is the summer sausage.

    I ground up 5 el bees of chuck.

    Mixed up some spices/cure.

    Put 2 casings to soak in warm water.

    And enjoyed eating some of my ham  [​IMG]

    I mixed the spices/cure in really well.

    Stuffer lubed up & ready to go.

    Made one full size & a chub.

    I put them in the MES & turned it on. I hooked the door but did not latch it & carried a temp of 106 for an hour with no smoke.

    After an hour I loaded the AMNPS with hickory & apple & let the smoke roll. Temp will gradually be increased to 165ish till they are done.

    To be continued...

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