Traeger Timberline 1300

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Original poster
Mar 28, 2021
Looking at the Traeger Timberline 1300. What are everyone’s thoughts? I know they have had some negative feedback in the past but I can buy one locally. also looking at the Yoder YS640s but the shipping charge and turn around time are kind of turning me off of the idea. Shipping runs $400 and I’m not expected to get it for 9-10 weeks with the completion cart. I can get it sooner without the completion cart but at that price point the cart seems like a no brainer. The Timberline is local and I could pick up one this weekend . Has anyone had any experience with the Timberline 1300 series or should I just bite the bullet and wait the 10 weeks and miss out on all the precious BBQ time I’d miss waiting for it. Looking for guidance.
I have owned a Timberline since the first week they were originally released. They now have the upgraded drive system. I have cooked in ambient -18 degrees in the winter and over 100 degrees in the summer and never once had a hiccup. I too considered the Yoder and I am sure I would have been pleased with it. I would definitely buy the Timberline again and not think twice. The temps are always stable and everything I have cooked on it I have been pleased with. Super Smoke works well and the WiFire Tech is helpful and user friendly. Almost 4 years an owner and a pleased one at that. Hope that helps and good luck, no matter what you decide. - Jay
Do you have any history with a pellet grill (pooper)?
I did not have any personal experience so I went bargain basement $200 unit to give them a try.
I have had zero issues outside of operator error with pellet bridging in the hopper screen that makes no sense to me.
Buddy has a late model Traeger and loves it.
Another buddy has a couple of poopers and recommends Green Mountain.
I am another happy 1300 owner. I have had mine for a while now and have been very happy with the results it delivers. The only problems I have had is with the wifi connection but I changed my router system and haven't had any problems since. I wouldn't hesitate to get one again.
I got a Timberline 1300 2 months ago and been loving it every week. Trying out new recipes and smokes is very convenient and producing phenomenal results. I've only experimented on friends pellet smokers but was hesitant to pull trigger as well on the 1300 but am not disappointed.
I have a second generation Timberline 1300. Never had a problem with it and cooks in all types of weather since it is double-walled. I am satisfied with it. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.