Traeger Little Tex - Love/Hate relationship

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by debbie cornett, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. I love the Traeger for grilling and use it often. I can not use it for smoking as the hopper doesn't properly feed pellets.They jam. About every 15 minutes I have to go push the pellets toward the center otherwise the auger can go dry with pellets along the edges. I have called Traeger customer service about this but they have not helped. I can not leave the unit unattended since it doesn't feed properly. Has anyone found a way around this? Does anyone know if the newer or larger models have the same issue? Doesn't anyone know how to get the Traeger folks to care? Since this is a smoker, I consider it a major design flaw. 
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    Welcome...Unfortunately, Traeger is like the American Auto Industry in the 80's...Traeger like the big three were the originators and the best at the time. They then figured they had the market locked in and let Quality and Service go down the drain. Traeger is no longer the only game in town and are now way behind and slow to wake from hibernation. I would consider replacing the auger assembly but consider the cost and your time? Might be better to save some extra money and upgrade. The other option...You are happy with the Traeger as a Grill...Get or build a Smoker and instead of a Jack of all Trades get the best from each...JJ
  4. If the pellets get damp they will jam. Also use high grade pellets.

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