Traeger Gourmet Pellet issues Any one else???

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Mar 19, 2022
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Does anyone use Traeger Gourmet pellets sold at Costco? I have been using these since I bought my Smokefire last year and have not had any issues until this last bag. Now they are bridge-O-Matics. The issue I am having is that they keep creating pellet bridges above the inlet. This bag of pellets seams to be longer then the previous pellets of this same variety. I just removed the wire in the hopper to see if that helps. I may have to go try a new pellet.

Any one ever try any of the Knotty Wood pellets?
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Drop the oily pellets and dont look back. Kingsford is really good and easy to find
I have never liked Traeger pellets. They used to be the only kind I could find locally years ago so I was stuck having to use them. When I was able to use other brands, I found out I really didn't like the Traeger pellets. I didn't like the smoke profile, and I thought they gave off too much ash. Lumberjack so far has been my favorite.
Drop the oily pellets and dont look back. Kingsford is really good and easy to find
I really like the Kingsford pellets but I wish they'd dial back the price more in line with Lumberjack. I don't find them any better than Lumberjack, but more readily available since RK quit carrying LJ.
I haven't used the Traeger Gourmet from Costco in a couple of years.
Never had any problem with them.
Haven't tried Knotty Wood pellets, yet. My son picked up a sack of plum for me.
I use Lumberjack. Sometimes the bags have longer pieces in them. I dump them into a bucket and mash with a t-bar.
The kingsford are very short and could never cause a bridge, I have had a couple with LJ but no telling how many hundreds of pounds were trouble free
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Not a fan of traeger pellets. I’ve never tried kingsford pellets. I’m happy with lumberjack, bbq delite or bear mountain
Any one ever try any of the Knotty Wood pellets?
I use Knotty Wood all the time. I never have any issues with them but I use them in a Yoder. The plum give you amazing color. The almond gives me a better flavor than oak. I usually mix the two. I’ll often mix Lumberjack cherry with plum which makes the color of any pork product look like photoshop.
Thank you all for the great info. I will be switching brands and will either give these to my FIL to use in his Traeger. Dang it I guess I am going to have to do more smoking to see which I like best. .... wink wink
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