Traditional French village blood sausage

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    I am going to put the recipe for the actual sausage here from  Pork &Sons  pig cook book by Stephane Reynaud. I thought members might like to see it. I am not making the sausage I bought mine. Then I  will do a little Black pudding with autumn fruits & brandy from the same book, a classic mountains dish often simplified down to just blood sausage & apple .

    I am just setting it out as per the book.

    3kg of pork fat,3 kg brown onions,1 litre creme fraiche,300ml cognac,brandy or marc,6 pinches of ground mixed spice 2 pinches of sugar,120g salt,6 litres pigs blood 100g lard.

    Heat 1 kg fat in large pan add onions cook over low heat 20 minutes until soft.

    Dice remaining  fat ,mix with softened onions allow to melt.

    Add creme fraiche,cognac,spice,sugar & salt.

    Pour in blood stirring constantly to prevent congealing

    Using a funnel gently fill sausage casings. I have no idea how many this makes.[​IMG]

    Cook in gently simmering water 80c /176f for ten minutes.

    Remove rub over with lard. Your done[​IMG]

    This recipe can be changed up by chopped chestnuts,apples or other spices.

    I think its a pretty good template for that version linguica posted with the pinenuts & raisins.

    I saw the crackingly good version that Shannon made & Chef JJs input. Maybe those of you with access to pigs blood might give this one a shot. I will not be playing "Someone stole the kieska " while I cook.[​IMG]
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    OK recipe first. 

    To serve 6 .

    6 pears,6 small cooking apples, 3 quinces(out 0f season here so subbed peach)  2 pinches ground cinamon100gm unsalted butter 800gms black pudding by whatever name you know it,2 teaspoons sugar 100gm peeled chestnuts out of a jar,2 tabs calvados(don't have it so I went with rum) salt pepper.

    I figure 800 gms = 6 sausages.

    Peel pears coat in cinamon.Melt 1/2 butter on low heat,add fruit thats cut into halves cored. turn around in butter. 

    Cook black pudding in seperate pan with rest of butter keep warm.

     When fruits starts to soften add sugar,chestnuts  cook until caramelised .Slug of hootch heat for a minute ,then ignite.When flames die down season salt pepper.Serve with black pudding & pan juices

    I  get the Qview up when I  cook it.Calvados is apple brandy so its a matter of what you substitute.Its supposed to be autumn fruits but its still summer here so I had to wing it. I ate a simple version of this in France.
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    I like this a lot,I changed it just a little. I found it a bit sweet so a squeeze of lemon juice went in. I gave the fruit a sprinkle of all spice as well.I am not 100% sure that the chestnuts add much .I suppose thats the thing about cooking .Once you do it by the book then after that its up to you. I might go with walnuts next time. Thing with all that fruit meant I didnt need veg.I think a salad with bitter leaves watercress dandelion ,radicchio ,endive sort of thing would be a nice counterpoint to the sweetness.
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    I have to ask what the sausage  tasted like.   I'm not sure I could eat that one.   I'm not sure what a lot of the ingredients are, but to me its basically  blood and fat, onion  and spice?  
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    Interesting blood sausage recipe. I am a little surprised there is no Meat or Grain/grain product binder or filler. Fat, Blood and flavoring...what was the Texture like? The plate looks nice and thanks for sharing the recipes...JJ
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    I just stuck the recipe to make that sausage in as a matter of interest. I bought mine they are Argentinian style but no meat or binder either.Pretty tasty I  eat them a bit, but this was my first attempt at a recipe with them as main ingredient. I will put a photo up of the book up I am off to the gym to burn off the pork fat.[​IMG]
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    I just checked another recipe in Hugh Fearnley- Whittingstalls  River Cottage cookbook.His french version has some white breadcrumbs,milk & cream in it but otherwise the same.

    His spanish morcilla has cooked long grain rice & seedless raisins ,spicing a bit different ,booze ditto but no meat.

    When he gets to his British versions (& he is English with some pretty serious credibility in the food world) then he goes to cereals,oatmeal & pearl barley for that breakfast fry style.

    The texture is very soft in the one I have. The chance of getting any information out of the maker are zero. I could marry his sister & he still wouldnt tell [​IMG]But I cant detect any meat just,onion,blood,spices & fat.

    If Brican is out there perhaps he could chip in.

    I will run out the Portuguese suburb soon & grab their version.

    I do like the one I buy & the makers have a big slice of the market in a city of almost 4 million.

    The chinese do a congealed pigs blood dish thats set then cut into cubes then served in a broth at yum cha but its just not going to happen with my lunch crew[​IMG]
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    After a bit of exploration the one I have does contain some grain,not sure what it is might be oats,might be rice. My butcher makes a lot of high end sausage,pretty famous for it but gave up on the black pudding because he had trouble with the consistency & didnt sell enough to justify the effort. So he buys his in from these guys who are Argentinian. 

    Sort of tempting to try to make it but getting pigs blood a big call.Up side is theres  not a lot of equipment needed just a funnel & big enough pot.The spanish version with raisins ,some pine nuts,sweet sherry.paprika,rice does sound pretty tasty.

    If your out there Shannon do you have any thoughts?
  9. moikel

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  10. chef jimmyj

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    Hey Mick, I came across this the other day...JJ
    FillersMany countries have their own traditionally used fillers that are added to a sausage mass:
    • England and Ireland - rusk, barley, rice, potatoes, flour, oatmeal.
    • Poland - buckwheat groats, barley, bread crumbs, rice, semolina.
    • Spain - milk, rice, eggs, cheese, almonds, pimentos, parsley, apples.
    • Sweden - rye meal, raisins.
    • Argentina - wheat gluten (seitan), corn flour, flour.
  11. moikel

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    I tried a more central European version the other week. Firmer denser  but big company stuff. I had as part of breakfast it was better than I expected. 

    The chinese dish is Ju Hoong congealed pigs blood braised with chilli,soy sauce & garlic chives.

    Its really about not wasting stuff no matter where you are from. 

    I will try to get some of the portuguese one this weekend.
  12. moikel

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    Portuguese version,contains pork meat,onions,blood,spices. "Lots of people make them different,rice,chilli,raisans ,oats .We make this way" said the butcher.Soft giving texture different to the ones I used in recipe. Now have 3 different ones in fridge.[​IMG]
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    Love that stuff there is  a Portuguese  meat market that makes it only seasonal in New Bedford MA.
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