Tomorrow is first competition!

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Original poster
Dec 29, 2013
Tomorrow I am in a small competition that will consist of 2 racks of baby backs and 2 chickens.

I'm not so worries about the I am the actual presentation. There will be 2 boxes. 6 ribs in one box (2ribs per judge), and the chicken in another. Has to be breast meat.

My rib questions are...... 3 Dry and 3 Wet? 6 Dry? Dipping Sauce in the box? Finishing touches before I close the box?

Chicken questions....... Shredded? Hunks? Pour Sauce on? Side sauce? Skin?

Lettuce at bottom of box? Which to box first? I need this stuff to be hot!

Bring any advice.

Thanks in advance!
  I am just dumb as a bag of rocks.  I don't understand the competition side of cooking BBQ.  Some fool says number 239 is the best.  I may not like the Q that number 239 makes.  The best BBQ is what my family and friends enjoy.

I wish you well.  God luck.  Keep Smokin!

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