To Sauce or Not to Sauce? That is the question.

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  1. During my initial smoking attempts, I used sauce as a marinade. Since then I learned that many only use sauce on the side served slightly warmed. Is there a time to use sauce during the smoking process? If so, when? What meats? At what point is it added? Etc.

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    You've just opened a can of worms my friend.
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    Its all personal opinions. Sauce is for buns and BBQ.

    Finishing sauce is nice. Glaze is nice on pork. Tasso or Andouille Cream sauce is good on anything, but a good smoked piece of meat can only be complimented, not really improved.

    Save the sauce for a dry tasteless piece of meat.
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    What ever you like.... personal preference... try them all..... before, during, after, hot, cold and even no sauce is good.... (no sauce is my fav.)
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  5. I'm not a big sauce guy at all, but when I use it I like to thin it out with beer or apple juice (depending on the meat) and then use it only once or twice, lightly, well into the second half of the cook. 
  6. I never use sauce in the process.  I have some out when I have a bunch of people over to the house for dinner.  It usually doesn't get used at all and I consider that a compliment.  
  7. millerbuilds

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    IMHO use it is as a glaze (finishing) or served on the side.
  8. Thank you
  9. oddball

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    As noted, personal preference.

    I usually leave my ribs dry.  If I add sauce, it is at the end about 30 minutes before removal so that it can firm up.  I've found that after you have found a rub that you like, it's not needed.  But even then, you have have some people that like sauce.

    For shredded pork or brisket, I leave the meat dry but have sauce on the side. 

    Experiment and see what you like.
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    These are all good answers, Steve. On beef, I offer sauce on the side. On pulled pork, I use a small amount of a light finishing sauce. The recipe is on here somewhere as a post to someone wanting finishing sauce. On ribs, I use a light sauce as a glaze in the final 30 minutes of the cook. If you can't find the finishing sauce or need to ask about other recipes PM me and I will help.
  11. I like a sauce to finish some bbq. However I also like most of it without sauce as well. I think you can't really go wrong either way as long as the sauce does not overpower the meat it is fine to have some.
  12. I too like to glaze it at the end. I like sauce but dont want it to overpower everything else. Usually just add a thin layer on last 30 min or so, then maybe use some on the side. Do whatever tastes good to you.
    Now chicken wings are a different story. I like em nice n saucy
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    I am definitely a fan of sauce, especially on pork. I tend to glaze towards the end of the cook to let it firm up then serve with it on the side as well. With beef, I do more on the side (bbq for brisket, horsey for prime rib). I will sauce beef ribs during the cook. I usually inject and rub chicken so not sure you count that as saucing. Now, I won't touch a finishing sauce personally because I despise vinegar more than <insert whatever you despise the most here>. But like others have said, all about personal taste.
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