To much smoke on my meat

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by puff, Mar 22, 2014.

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    I have my reverse flow smoker with a 6 inch stack.  I fill i have to much smoke on the meat.  Should I change it to a 10 inch stack.  Im using Choke cherry wood and oak or hickory it depends on what im cooking.  I cook around 225 to 250 depending on what meat im using. any suggestions on fixing this problem
  2. [​IMG]   Hello and welcome from East Texas. This is a great site, lots of information and great people that are willing to throw in their two cents worth on about anything.   First things first, before changing stacks, what size is you smoker, have you run the numbers through Feldon's pit calculator ?  I suspect you may be using wood that has not seasoned long enough, Green wood or not properly seasoned will leave a strong and sometimes bitter taste. If you are doing long smokes you can try wrapping, Soooo lets get it sorted out first, then we can fix the problem 



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    Welcome to the Smoking  forum.   You’ll find great , friendly people here, all more than willing to answer any question you may have.  Just ask and you’ll get about 10 different answers—all right.  LOL.   Don’t forget to post qviews.

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    Hey Puff, first off welcome to the forum ! Second, I'am not sure on your issue as that's out of my wheelhouse..... However, if ya hang out for a bit there's some folks on here that I'am sure can help ya out !! This forum is filled with folks that have knowledge on about every subject ya can think of ....

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    Simple, first questions

    What color is your smoke?  Does it get trapped inside the chamber because the stack is too narrow or you cook with the stack closed?  Remember the thin, clear smoke should just pass over the food,  not hang around.

    Welcome to the forum

  6. Hey Puff,  help us out  give us some information so we can help you.

  7. puff

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    Gary sorry it has taken me so long getting back to you.  I have a 250 gallon reverse flow.  The wood I use has been split and drying for at least 2 years.  I never new how much science  was into building one of these.  I will run the numbers tonight and let you know.  thanks for your help. 
  8. I don't think the wood is the problem, are you closing you chimney damper or leaving it wide open ?   

  9. Hello Puff.  You mentioned your stack, could just as easily be your intake too small or in the wrong place.  You do intimate you can control your temps though.  The guys are doing their best and offering great advice but we are shooting in the dark here.  I agree with the guys, let's look at first things first before you start cutting your smoker apart. Unless you run the calculator we need dimensions.  If your running of the calculator shows all is well then we need pictures of the smoker BEFORE and during use, and a step by step process.  My friend gary s, being the bloodhound he is is starting to narrow things down but there are many reasons why the food may taste that way.  More info would be helpful.  It could be as simple as you are not a "smoke hound" so produce less smoke, and for a shorter period of time.  I use a lot of mesquite.  You won't find a much stronger flavor than that but I have found that some things smoked with milder woods which also contain a lot of mustard seed often seem to have an "over-smoked" taste to me.

  10. puff

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    Gary here is the web site you gave me to use.  I do have two air intakes and the length of my stack is 27 inches. All I see is my firebox is a little to small If im reading it right. What else do you need to know to help me out.

    Link to BBQ Pit Calculator
  11. Are you running your stack damper wide open, partially open or almost closed ?
  12. puff

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    I dont have a damper on the stack.  Never even thought of it.  Do you think that is the problem.
  13. hoity toit

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    il leave my damper wide open most all of the time..
  14. The only time I close my stack damper is when I am finished smoking, to keep out the bugs and rain. I always leave it open while smoking,

    So the stack damper is not the problem, you said your wood was seasoned, shouldn't be the problem, If you are maintaining a pretty constant temp and and air and smoke are moving through and out  the stack, lets talk about smoking times, and wrapping. and how much smoke you are looking for. Most of the time I use lump charcoal and a a few splits of hickory, pecan or oak. On occasion I will just smoke with all wood, When I do my meat is still not over smoked or too smokey for my. I like a very mild smoke flavor, and pretty picky about to much smoke. Only other things I can think of is how far your stack extends down into the smoke chamber.

    Gary S
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    My stack has only 1.5 inches inside the smoker.  I do a full cooking with wood only.  I have been using Choke Cherry for my pork and oak for my beef.  I have some Hickory that is coming.  I like about 1/4 inch smoke ring on my pork and beef.  I have never wrapped my meat before.  I keep the tong of my trailer up were the smoke and heat will rise and move out of the smoker faster.  I have a cook time on my pork shoulders any were from 12-14 hours.  Ribs are usually 6-8 hours.  My problem with wrapping meat is I fill it will get slimy.  give me some suggestions Im cooking this weekend.  I have been keeping temp records on my last three cooks my temp is dead on 270.  Your thoughts
  16. We have eliminated  just about everything I can think of. You said "you feel you have to much smoke flavor" what is everyone else saying ?  I know people who like a heavy smoke flavor and others who really don't care for smoke flavor at all. Does your meat just have a heavy smoke flavor, or a heavy flavor with a bitter taste ?

    Gary S

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