Tips for first time Double Smoked Legs of Pork

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Ordered these legs brined from Bledsoe Meats and paid about $3.00 lb.

This Saturday, I'll be firing up some smoke for the first cook.

Foamheart has a good read that I really like.
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So are the legs already smoked? Were they cold smoked, hot smoked?

Or are you smoking them twice yourself? Are they green or have they been cured?

You haven't provided all the info needed to give you much.
Don't expect much smoke on the meat with the Skin covering the bulk of the weight....JJ
The fresh legs have been in brine since Monday. Planning to rinse them off in the morning, let them dry and come to room temperature before cold smoking for the first 4 hours with cherry wood.
A sharp boning knife will make quick work of it. Fat trim is up to you. I leave as much as possible because I like the flavor, my Cardiologist be damned! Here is a good Video....JJ

Ok, since I did not do the brine, I can only share with you what I've been told. "The brine is salt and some cure". With that said, what do you suggest for smoking tomorrow? Because I chose to smoke these legs so close to Thanksgiving with out considering the brine, making the best of what's in front is all that can be done. I will do my own brine next time.
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The rub used on the ribs:

(1) batch of Jeff's Rub
(2) 16 oz bags of Kosmos Sweet Honey Pecan Rub

The glaze:

(2) 13 oz bottles of Gramas's Sweet Chilli Sauce
(2) 18 oz bottles of King Kelly Orange Marmalade
(2) 16 oz bottles of Once Again Killer Bee Honey
1/3 cup Jeff's Rub

The same glaze will be used on the hams Thanksgiving day.
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