Tip roast

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Original poster
Jun 12, 2006
I have a question here not smoke related. I have cooked several roasts in the crock pot on low , pretty much for several hours, and I have always used a chuck roast, and they always come out excellent and very tender. This time I bought a sirloin tip roast and I'm not going to smoke it. This roast is very lean,not much fat. How should I cook this one? Inthe crock pot on low for a long time or would that dry it out.In the oven maybe at a higher temp.? I had one here a week ago that someone else cooked and it was really tender. Any advice?
When you cooked your chuck roast, did you use any liquid? If you did, then the sirloin roast should be ok too.
Yes I did use liquid. I just let it go pretty much all night. But the chuck has a lot more fat than the sirloin so I was'nt sure if I could cook it the same way.
Buddy...the tip roast is very lean (too lean) in my opinion....use lots of liquid (approx 1 and a half inches ) on low setting 7-8 hrs...I use lots of minced garlic and a couple sliced onions...some salt n pepper and a package of lipton onion soup mix on mine in the slow cooker.....turns any roast out beautiful :)...hope this helps T-bone !
When doing whole pieces of meat in a crock pot I like to set it on top of a few whole carrots or halved onions to keep it off the bottom in case it gets to hot and wants to scorch. I've had a few that did! Carrots don't taste to bad scorched neither do onions.
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