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    I made some modifications to my charcoal starter today. What I did allows me to start my coals and use the "Minion method" to smoke. I'm also able to put some water in the box if I want/need some moisture.

    My starter would not clear the door on my smoker, so I cut a half inch off the top and bottom. It goes in now. I found the starter fits perfectly in the bottom of the charcoal pan that came with the smoker. The pan will catch the ashes for easy removal.

    I bent the handle of the starter up so the body of the starter would sit flat in the bottom of the pan. I then put three 5/16" X 1" hex head self tapping screws in the top of the starter barrel to hold a 6 inch diameter stainless steel mixing bowl for water. There's plenty of clearance for exhaust from the burning coals.

     This contraption fits nicely in the bottom of my smoker and I can fetch the pan out with a pair of pliers if need be.


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