Time! When smoking muliple items

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Aug 13, 2007
Haddam Ct
For pork its 1.5 hrs per pound.My question is if you smoke other items with the pork like corn!Will it increase the time for the pork or just use the smoke time for whatever your smoking.
Your meat needs to tell you when it is done, internal temp., a good digital meat thermometer is highly recommended. I see so many trying to do as I use to do. Guess based on time
. I then bought an instant read thermometer, much better. After finding SMF & soaking up much smoke (knowledge) I invested in a digital meat thermometer.
I now have 2. They are the way to go
Stanley -

1.5 hours per pound is a very general guide. Go by temperature not time and you'll be fine. If your doing a butt or shoulder or other BIG piece of meat it could hit the plateau and sit for sevral hours without change - don't worry just wait it out. Good Luck!
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