Thursday Evening St Louis Ribs

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Jun 22, 2022
Brookeville, Maryland
It was such a beautiful day coming! It was supposed to peak at 75 but it ended up hitting 80 degrees! I'll take it.

I had to cook something on the offset and decided on St Louis Ribs. I like the ones at Super Giant because they tend to be consistent thickness. These are about 3 lbs. Didn't need much trimming. I barely even needed to square them off which is unusual. Fourteen ribs! Sprinkled Meat Church seasoning on them back and front and sides. No binder.


Crack my first IIPA. Started off with mesquite for the first hour. Here is 1 hour in - as the cooker temp gradually reached 225...


Switched to post oak. A little fat dribbled on them from the temp gauge on the door above - from the fat I put on the fire. Note to self: Don't put fat in the fire when cooking ribs!

Two hours in...


Color's good. Time to wrap... one layer of Reynolds Pitmaster Choice super strength foil (found at Home Depot!) ... some butter, some brown sugar, some rib candy. I will lay these meat side down into the butter.


Back on the offset wrapped nice and tight, meat down... switch to Ash wood from neighbor's tree.


A couple more hours go by... The sun has set but I've got my head lamp. I get the smoker to come up gradually to 275 - 280. I've got my BBQ sauce in a pot on the pot warmer. I'm on my 2nd IIPA. I check the ribs and they feel nice and soft. Open 'em up and they have a nice uniform pull-back. I gently brush the bbq sauce glaze.


Crimp the foil and put them back on the smoker to let the glaze set. Smoker still at 275. Switch back to post oak. 15 minutes. I want sticky, not dribbly. Then I bring them into the kitchen.


Ready to slice...


Sliced by twos...


Test bite...


Wife said they were the best yet. Happy wife, happy life!

Errors: fat smoke and I think I'll keep the cooker temp under 275 next time - I'll try not to exceed 265 to try for better lighter color


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Sep 15, 2012
You got some good color and hillbilly teeth on those ribs. I bet they tasted great. We're still a few weeks away from doing serious Q here, but I'm getting antsy.

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Jun 22, 2022
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Thanks all! We got people comin' over, so I think I'll follow TNJAKE's lead and do these again on Sunday (even though I just did them). I'll just post the pics in this thread again and see if I can correct those two minor errors above. Maybe put the pics in the OP. Forecast tomorrow: Sunny, high 65. :-)

Edit: I think I'll switch to apple wood tomorrow.
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