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  1. For the past year I have been using a Taylor dual probe. The probes routinely go bad and up until last week they would warranty them. My 1 year warranty has expired by 12 days and was told by there support dept they did not offer probes for that unit . I have a Podler with a plug the same size but it did not work. When I asked the support person if I was just SOL he said yes.

     Well I am in the market for a new Thermometer. I want a simple unit that only reads the temp, counts down and alarms at any temp I set. I would it to have replaceable S/S covered (not silicon) probe. I am looking at the maverick 2216 (10 dollars from Todd Johnson but I would like a Auber at100bbq . I use a Auber controller and really would not mind paying for the quality and durability if it is there.  Does the Forum have any thoughts on this?
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    I have a Maverick ET-73 for 5 years & a Maverick ET-732 for 4 years.

    They both still work great, but the 732 has better distance.

    The ET-73 got demoted 4 years ago to Meat curing fridge duty 24--7--365. Never gets turned off.

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    I bought the Taylor under the Food Network name plate (I checked and they're identical) and I've used it about 5 times with no problems. However, I just got a Maverick ET-733 from Todd Johnson and I can't wait to play with that.

    For a simple therm from a good company (CDN out of Oregon), you might look at these:

    I just took a 6-hour BBQ class over the weekend and that brand was highly recommended. I bought a CDN instant read thermocouple therm and it's the best I've ever owned.

    For Maverick therms, a lot of online retailers sell them but as far as I'm concerned Todd Johnson is the only guy to buy from. When it comes to outstanding customer service there is no one better.
  4. I have been in the market for a simple thermometer I want one that only reads the temp, counts down and alarms at any temp I set. I would it to have replaceable S/S covered (not silicon) probe.  I looked around and decided on the Thermoworks 362B. A simple  looking thermometer moderately priced. The probe is in a stainless braided cover. A replacement probe was purchased (8.00)  and with shipping the price was 31.00 delivered with the spare probe. Not a bad price I wanted a simple thermometer so the learning curve would be short. I have several others in the house who might use it. The set up is straight forward and the alarm can be turned off. Was it accurate out of the package? Yes,  I did a boil test and in less than 1 min. it read 212 my elevation is between 135 and 300 feet above sea level. I will report back after 10 or 15 cooks and let you know how I like it.   jted
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    ET-732 or ET-733. I have several which I use regularly over the last 4-5 years. My oldest one (a 732) still works as well today as it did when it was new - though I have had to replace the probes - which are readily available.

    Out of the two I still prefer the 732 over the 733 - because of its simplicity.
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    I ditched all the electronics a number of years ago. I use a simple $5 oven thermometer to monitor internal smoker temps and a Thermapen for internal meat temp. I think it's made me better at my craft and I find it more enjoyable. I got tired of wires hanging out of my smoker and getting in the way.

    I know folks like the gadgetry of computerized control systems and the ability to monitor their smoker from their phone etc..and that fine but it's not for me. I like to be more interactive and hands on with my smoker. I enjoy managing the fire and being able to know instinctively if I need to add another stick of wood and how big or small it should be to maintain the temp.

    I have reached the point where half the time I forget to put the oven thermometers in the smoke chambers and have found that things turn out just fine. I can tell by the sounds of how much fat is sizzling on the tuning plates if the smoker may be running too hot. I don't use the Thermapen until the last hour or so of when I think things are close.

    I used the money I save on not buying electronics to buy things I can eat. [​IMG]
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    I use the ET-732 and love it. Very accurate, no issues. I use an ECB so opening up to look and probe let's all the heat out. Keeping the lid on keeps the temps consistent... my .02  Smoke on! 

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