thermometer question

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Dec 11, 2013
Hooppole, IL
Using the maverick dual thermometer...doing snack sticks, only been in for 2 hours. Smoker temp is at 145 and it says my meat temp is 160? That's not possible, and yes,I made sure they were hooked up correctly, lol.
ok, just checked it with a different instant read and it says 130!  This is only the 2nd time I've used the Maverick, ain't much use having a remote thermometer if its that far off!
you can check the accuracy of your thermometers by placing them in boiling water and looking for 212f (adjusted for altitude) and placing them in an ice bath and looking for 32f.
The only thing I can think of and this happened to me once, When I inserted the probe of my Mavericl I didn't get it right close to the center of the stick and it gave me a higher rading.

Like you, I couldn;t believe the IT was up that quick, I re-positioned the probe in a different stick and made sure it was centered, and it all came out good.

It would also be a good idea the check tour thermameter in boiling water to make sure of its accurecy

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