The Woman thinks I am obsessed...maybe a little.

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Gone but not forgotten. RIP
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Jul 19, 2010
I studied and have been fascinated by salt

It is a great thing to study...easy, informative and fun.

Between google and wikipedia it has kept me busy for many hours.

Look.. I just bought some... gee she thinks i went a little overboard..I don't.  hahahahhahaha
SP: Murray River - Pink Flake - 8 oz. Pouch10.7 lbs.0.7 lbs.$15.50 $15.50
SP: Fleur De Sel - 6 oz. Pouch10.6 lbs.0.6 lbs.$10.99 $10.99
SP: Alaea (fine) - 16 oz. Pouch11.2 lbs.1.2 lbs.$8.95 $8.95
FT: Himalayan Pink Salt (Fine) by Artisan - Flip Top11 lbs.1 lbs.$9.99 $9.99
FT: Himalayan Pink Salt (Coarse) by Artisan - Flip Top11 lbs.1 lbs.$9.99 $9.99
FS: Fusion - Roasted Garlic Salt - 3.5oz Jar10.7 lbs.0.7 lbs.$11.99 $11.99
Balinese Sea Salt by Big Tree Farms - 1lb Bag (Stone Ground)11.5 lbs.1.5 lbs.$7.80 $7.80  
Just 75 bucks...gee.

 And she likes shrimp and steak slices cooked on the Himilayan salt blocks I have..

 No respect I tell ya...  

I have some interesting ones I got from Dean and Deluca's in Napa

Truffle Salt

Tahitian Vanilla Salt

Hawiian Black Sea Salt

Pink Sea Salt Slabs

Hickory Smoked

Fleur de Sal

Plus 2 kinds of Kosher and 3 kinds of Sea Salt

I love my salt too - keep it up Craig
Look honey!!

 See!!! See!!!!

 It's not just me..really!!

The women think we're all nuts until we cook for 'em and they taste the products of our finely honed craft.  THAT'S vindication!
Well not much too add here, except we all need a reason to get up in the morning, and if salt winds your clock, I think that's great.
Well, I'm not that fasinated by salt...use mostly sea salt and slip it into the shaker without the GF noticing....she's got this thing with the iodized stuff being better for you. I say BS.

I will say though, she's getting worried with my obsession with this forum. I tell her it's better than surfing the porn sites....
This is food porn Willie!   
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