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The use of Binder Flour in Ring Balogna


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I have made Owens red barn trail bologna and TSM trail bologna and neither called for binder flour. I was looking at PS seasoning's Red Barn Bologna and it mentions the use of" binder flour" , I was satisfied with the way the TSM and Owens bologna turned out without the use of binder flour. Has anyone used binder flour and is it really needed?


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You dont always need to add binder. Below is some info for you.

Binders are used to stop food from drying out. Improving to the taste and the appearance of foods by using enhancing flavors and colors. Another benefit of food additives is that consumers can be offered a wider choice of foods. Many processed foods contain additives. Some common examples are bacon, margarine, ice cream and bread. Some people believe that because food additives are chemicals they should be banned. However, everything in the world, Including the food we eat and our bodies is made of chemicals. Air, water, glucose and salt are chemicals in the same way that food additives are. Many food additives occur naturally, such as red color from beetroot (Beet red), and purple color from grape skins (anthocyanins). These colors can be extracted and added to foods. Some food additives found in nature can be manufactured, for example, ascorbic acid. Other additives are manufactured but not found in nature, such as aspartame, which is used to replace sugar.

BINDERS - Also known as Soy, Soy Protein Concentrate, Soy Flour, Soy Grits, Soy Protein Isolate, Binder Flour- All soy products have a high protein value.
This gives soy its binding capability, allowing you to add water (called Added Water) to your sausage for a moister product. These ingredients are used to prevent weight loss and shrinkage to products being processed in the smokehouse, by helping to retain the natural juices (called bound moisture) in the meat. This product also helps to bind the sausage together and can be used in meat products such as burgers to retain the natural juices from cooking out. Although not generally used in fresh sausages it may be added with good results.

You should use the following ratios: Smoked products Use binder up to 5% of the meat weight. Fresh products Use binder up to 3% of the meat weight. Sausage binder weighs out at about 4 oz. per cup so 4 cups would equal about one lb. Soy grits are used in patties and products like Hamburger Helper.
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