The NC blizzard of 2014 is here (round 2)

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Apr 28, 2010
I'm in hunker down mode..... Wake county schools were closed today due to a threat of a snowflake during school hrs.....The local channels cancelled programming to have a special edition weather alert to let us know what snow and ice looks like and tell us not to drive in it and to stay home because its on it way.... I really have to watch out for the black ice too.... you cant see it... its there.. but you cant see it.......Were supposed to get 4 to 6 inches tonight and its a flakey snow cause its colder than normal 
Wish us luck.... Were going to need it....
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Don't think we're going to get snow but we will get sleet and rain that will freeze they say high tomorrow of 33. I need to move to Florida
Good luck and stay warm.  Check your water pipes.  Here in Michigan we have freeze-less outside faucets.  If you don't you may have frozen pipes in the future.  Open cabinet doors so the heat can get to kitchen and bathroom pipes that are on outside walls.  For outside faucets cover with what ever you can to insulate and keep the hard frost off.  

I hope you got enough toilet paper, milk and bread before the white death falls from the sky. Really, good luck and I hope all is well.
LOL.. Well the white death has fallen... It was 1 to 2 inches. Their forcast was what they hoped to get of  3 to 6 inches. Its  the"crunchy coat of white". or crusty Ive heard....... I need to bundle up if I go sledding because its going to be cold..... They said you cant make snowballs but you can make snow angels... They had a demonstration on tv so now i know how to make one... I better get busy......
LUCK.... As I'm running around in shorts and flip flops ....
I have three words for you Kieth... The terminator said it well and it wasn't   " I'll be back"
I was at gander mountain today and it started to snow at around 12 noon.... In 30 minutes the ground was all white and it was icing up.. Saw wrecks all over and the entire area is gridlocked......

Oh.. The news caster informed me if people with a well lose power they wont have water..... 
  .I didnt know that.. .... I thought it came out of the ground all by itself...LOL

If I lose power I "will" stay warm.....I'll fire up the old charcoal grill and heat the house.........
  ...Just to be sure thats a Joke people..... never light a grill in the house......light it outside then bring it in.... OK that was another joke..... Never use a grill to heat your house
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It's headed our way now. Just a  reminder for everyone to keep generators and carbon monoxide producers away from the house. CO is odorless, tasteless and very deadly. Pace yourself when shoveling, no use over doing it.

Stay safe.

I feel for y'all but am very happy it's just rain and cool down here this time
I'm in the locally heavy 8-14" band for the snow tomorrow. It was a warm -8 in this truck morning. Weirdly though it didn't feel that cold out? Maybe you become used to the cold after a while.
I agree. I thought yesterday was quite nice out when I went for a walk in the woods. It was near 30°. I can't wait for spring, but a certain groundhog says otherwise. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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